Alter Ego Progress: A

Hallo daar, en welkom op mijn blog. Hier houd ik mijn dagelijkse en wekelijkse praktijken bij met betrekking tot de vakken die ik volg (en de daarbij horende opdrachten en projecten) voor de opleiding Docent Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving (vanaf nu verder afgekort met DBKV). De opdracht waar in deze eerste post aandacht wordt besteed […]

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There… and back… and back again?

Oh, here we are yet again. Returning to the blog yet, again! After another hiatus I’ve brought myself back into the blogging fold, with lots of interesting content on the horizon: personal Art; Dungeons & Dragons (homebrew content); Warhammer: Age of Sigmar; Maybe some Twitch streaming of art and… Minecraft, and more! The Schedule First, […]

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Lumineth Realm-Lords

The post of news return with the reveal of the Lumineth Realm-Lords, and more, at Las Vegas Open. I woke up extra early this morning, just to see it all… Extra Early! Aelves of Hysh, Aelves of Light… Aelves a la Teclis 2.0, it’s Lumineth Realm-Lords!   Lumineth Realm-Lords And of course the God himself: […]

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Hobby Update #1: Mirkwood Prince

Short and quick. The thursday hobby update is here! Short and image heavy posts with almost no information on how and more information on what. With only pictures and not much else I’ll show you what I am currently working on. These posts will be incredibely contained with almost no text (instead of what it […]

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The Heralds of Equilibrium

Mitzunimu felt like he had promised his people a false future. A future where Nagash would be kept at bay, through a damning eternal servitude. The thought of serving the… evil he promised to defy horrified him. Yet it would be the only way to protect his people, or whatever was and will be left […]

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