On the Painting Table

Hello everyone, today will be looking at what's on my painting table/hobby desk right now (with pictures as those are awesome). I will add some comments, ellaborate on some hobby goals and reveal some nice newer projects. Of course I am a person that gets distracted by even the tiniest fly or unimportant thing, so... Continue Reading →

Great Youtube Channels

Today I am going to look at some nice YouTube channels that focus on uploading miniature wargaming content. Some of these are big, some are small but they are all very nice and I find them to be my favourite channels to watch videos from. And listening to theories, unboxing and reviews and other types... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and Dragons: Episode Ingestrium

A very first session of a new campaign needs a fitting title, and this title will be Episode Ingestrium. Episode Ingestrium will function as a doorway into the world of Taytrenvia, it's myths, legends, characters and its universe. Ingestrium is the name of the first district of the city. It is a district were visitors,... Continue Reading →

Starspire: Grand City of Magic

In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars (as that is the current happenings of Age of Sigmar) Games Workshop has given us, several months ago, the tools to create your own Free City. These tools are schemes with names and other interesting bits to create a foundation of your Free City. And I thought,... Continue Reading →

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