Middle-Earth: Battle Companies.

Battle Companies is upon us, the re-release of the popular format, once through the White Dwarf magazines but now, less than a decade later in the form of a content rich book with all the rules for the warbands you will be battling with through scenarios and even a special campaign!

Middle-Earth Battle Companies

So, recently I placed my pre-order at my local Warhammer Store and immediately began thinking about what kind of warband I would be playing with, or rather what I would like to be playing with (as my local Warhammer store might be planning an in store campaign planning ahead didn’t sound too wrong).

So I thought: Hobbits. Hobbits. Hobbits. Miniatures I really like but never wanted as an army (there’s too many of them in a single force) but as a Battle Company they seemed sufficient. And they are a good thing for trying out new painting techniques and colour schemes, as Hobbits are a really colourful folk!

Of course I will be doing some conversion work to give all the Hobbits in this Battle Company a real specific and individual look, more feathers or some other stuff that should look nice on an English country folk inspired people. As you can see below there’s two times the same sculpt of four particular hobbits.

And along with the book Games Workshop released Battle Company packs, although they are no money savers, they save some clicking time.


So, Hobbits. I will probably give the other four different tools, or another look with some bits/green stuff work, some will most likely be given a feather or two. I think I will:

  1. Make some sketches based on hobbit concept art from the WETA Art&Design books (great sources of inspiration).
  2. Give them some unique Hobbit names.
  3. Write down a schedule.
  4. Get the required tools and materials for the conversions.
  5. Convert.
  6. Paint.
  7. And make pictures.

So my next post regarding Middle-Earth Battle Companies will be a look at the sketches I made for the conversions. Of course it all depends on the book and upgrades and what not.

So see ya next time!