Space Marines: Primaris!

What, no Middle-Earth SBG or Warhammer: Age of Sigmar?

YES, not this time. Today is a day for a showcase of my heavily work intensive work in progress Primaris Ultramarine Space Marines!

Behold the amount of blue! Gold and other colours you would expect yourself to see on an Ultramarine Primaris Space Marine (these are, including the Captain from the smaller Starting box: Know No Fear).

As you can see, they are really blue. Not the normal one layer, wash, layer and edge highlight you normally see but a beautiful blend of a darker blue to a lighter blue. I must admit, I wanted to paint them as Black Templars first. Yet the blue seemed more of a challenge to me.

When the first three are finished I will place a post about that, soon, might be early 2018.

See ya with new 40K news in 2018!