Middle-Earth: What’s a Work in Progress, precious?

As a hobbyist you can, undoubtedly,  have loads of projects going on simultaneously, at least that’s the problem with my hobby activities. Loads of armies, loads of miniatures, loads of unfinished miniatures and loads of miniatures I want to clean, give a new undercoat of paint and paint better.

So this post will be a shout out to all the miniatures I have not finished as of yet but will soon do in the future (this will range from  unfinished Trolls to a mighty hero of Good):

So some good models I am currently working on and that I’ve finished.

Thranduil, Lord of the Woodland Realm on Elk:

Galadriel is pretty much done:

And last but not least a Mirkwood Elf Warrior with elf bow I painted a year ago:

And some evil models I am currently working on.

Gundabad Troll Brute:

As you can see, two pieces of Forgeworld Resin and a bit of metal.

Last but least I’d like to share with you what miniatures I would like to own and paint in the not so distant future:

These are only some of the miniatures I would like to own and paint in the future, possibly the future that is 2018!

Well next time I will show you all something with more substance, more body more current and almost finished work.

See ya!




  1. Love that first one.

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    1. Niek vw says:

      Thank you!

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