UPDATE!!! Age of Sigmar: Skirmish

So, some changes have been made to my starting Warband, because of some point shifts and surprises I decided to start with the following:

  1. Kri’linn the Sinner, Lord of Chaos.
  2. The Five Reavers, 5 Bloodbound Bloodreavers. They are called: Morghan the Skullbasher; Ghizzeld the Blind; Brizzend Bonebreaker; Burgal Axebiter and Ghinter the painfully large Splinter.
Kri'lin's Warband so far
Kri’lin the Sinner and the Bloodbound Reivers.

This is of course, a slight change from my original plan but all will be well, because the plan for the growth of this warband has evolved, from something mixed with Rot & Gore, something more Bloody will arise.

Expect something with Chieftans and Blood Warriors. It’s will be a mighty warband of Khorne!

See ya!