Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game: Battle

So I just wanted to post a small update this week, with a throwback to a battle I played for a local Hobbit League a few weeks ago. I can’t exactly remember what the scenario we played was, it might have been Heirlooms of Ages Past and it might has well not been.

Anyways, it was a nice and enjoyable game, lots and lots and lots of goblins were smacked and gutted and all of those nasty things: almost none of them survived. Really they were being tossed around, beaten, stabbed and crushed by a force smaller than theirs. The Goblin Town army was just a bit less than 4 times my force’s size.

Anyways, I lost a Gundabad Ogre to The Great Goblin (A.K.A. The Goblin King) and my Troll survived I think, Azog survived that I do know. But I lost the game, I think. Anyways it was a great game of Middle-Earth SBG!

Next time will see a more in depth battle report with lots more text and more focus on miniatures, terrain and more!

And possibly I will do something with Battle Companies very soon. Very, very soon.

See ya!