Middle-Earth Battle Companies: Chapter One

A Battle Company Forms!

With the recent release of Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game Battle Companies I thought that it would be a great idea to already write down my starting company and its backstory. How did the leader of this small group become the leader and why do his followers follow him.


So, I wanted to do something new at the start of the new year anyway, and what could be more perfect than starting with a new Battle Company with models from a force I normally wouldn’t play!

So my choice fell on Harad, the perfect force for me: 50% bows with coated arrows and lots of spears. Not only that, I believe that I can put a lot of work into them when painting en converting: There’s an opportunity for lots and lots of colours, freehands and other small things (like desert bases). I think this might very well be the start of a larger Harad army as well! An army where I am able to make use of this Battle Company in a larger game, which is enormously exciting!

The Company name is as follows: Cabaan’s Cobras (the company will probably feature a Cobra on their battle standard, they are definitely going to get the battle standard).

  • The Lieutenant of the company is Cabaan. He collects mysterious and deadly poisons and he’s a lover of rare and ancient artefacts. Therefore he became known as one of the most well known Tomb Raiders in Harad. And as tomb raiders do, he heard about new treasures that have yet to be discovered in the forgotten and ruined city of Fornost.
  • Then we have the cruel Sergeant Jubayr. A dangerous man and someone who always does the unexpected, he is an archer and a damn good one. And not only is he a good archer, he’s a good actor as well (dressing up as an enemy guardsman or a member of staff to infiltrate a very rich household, you name it). Always able to sneak into places he normally shouldn’t be able to enter.
  • After Jubayr comes the other SergeantQusay. The other members of the company jokingly call him The Snake Whisperer, he loves to collect all the snake species that come across his path during his travels and he even notes down all the interesting bits of information about them. He is a fighter and loves to use the snakes he collects during assassinations and fights.
  • Then we have one of the other spearmen in the company: Naizar. They don’t know a lot about him, he barely, no he rarely ever talks.
  • And the last spear wielding Haradrim: Dirar. He doesn’t talk much either. Although the other men of the company do know that he always is too optimistic about everything.
  • Then we have the three archers: Maazin, Marwan and Lubayd. These three are trouble and not very experienced with the business of raiding… .

Well that’s it. That’s the starting company. For more, tune in next week as I’ll show you the painting and converting progress I made on this company.

See ya!