Planning Ahead for Ardacon 2018! Pt. 3

So, to continue with the my Planning Ahead for Ardacon 2018! week I think it’s a great idea to now ask myself the third and fourth questions I wrote down two days ago.

Elite or horde?

That, again, is a really good question to ask, will I go for an Elite force or something more in the style of a Horde army. Well I have to say, I always liked specific small forces with powerful profiles in it and that is the case now, also I wouldn’t even have the time to paint a huge amount of miniatures in time for August 2018 (I am aware, that’s still a lot of time). I am much more likely to focus on a specific amount of models to give them all a coat of paint in a very high standard. So, my answer will be Elite.

Guards of the Caras Galadhon

The fourth question I wrote down goes as follows: And what about money?

Money, money, money. It’s not really something that will hold me back, although I will try and make sure I am going to have the army I will play most at Ardacon below the 200 euros mark. As I still have the need to save a lot for when the event is. And, to be honest, I am student so money isn’t the thing I have most of. But I will try to not spend more than 250 euros.

And that is perfectly possible for a new Middle-Earth SBG army, especially with the force I am about to choose to be my main one for next year’s Ardacon.

So there you have it, questions three and four answered!

Tomorrow I will answer the fifth and final question followed by my army choice, the army that I will be building and painting for Ardacon 2018!

See ya.