Planning Ahead for Ardacon 2018! Pt. 4

Today in this Middle-Earth SBG Planning Ahead for Ardacon 2018! week I will focus on question five! I will also conclude with a top three (out of the top five) army ideas I wrote down earlier this week. Five: How long do you want to be working on this army?

Well the amount of time I want to spend on this army, and I still do not know what it is going to be, would ideally be around 2 tot 3 months, maybe 4. It all depends on other projects that might get my attention and daily life stuff that will happen during these periods. So this is main army time, there will be a doubles army and an army for another gaming event as well, but I’ll discuss and elaborate on that in another blog post later in January.

Now, for some top 3 or maybe a top 4 army ideas:

  1. The Guards of the Caras Galadhon army. Lovely idea, nice miniatures and some great characters could be a part of this force.
  2. The Elves of Doriath. This is still an idea I would very much like to work on, something First Age related has for some time now been a very compelling thing to me. Yeah, a Thingol conversion would be very nice.
  3. The Wardens of Fornost. The Last Stand. The men of Arnor are being haunted by the Dark Powers of Angmar, this will be a force with possibly both men and elves.
  4. The Desert Cobras, a vicious raiding party made up out of Haradrim, it all depends on how alive my Battle Company will be but I think I’ll build an army around them!

Although I am not yet sure what I will do, and this top four army ideas might mean absolutely nothing, in the end it’s all about what I enjoy painting. Of course, these ideas I dreamed up just now are very imaginative, especially the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ones.

But I will talk about that another time.

Tomorrow sees the conclusion of the Planning Ahead for Ardacon 2018! week, there I will show some of the miniatures that might become responsible for the type of army I end up choosing to play with at the Grand Tournament.

See ya!