Daughters of Khaine

So last weekend Games Workshop teased and released some trailers revealing: Daughters of Khaine! New miniatures, and a new Battletome about the Daughters of Khaine faction. The first Aelven release during the Age of Sigmar era is about to happen. This army is based around the already existing Witch Aelves/Sisters of Slaughters, Cauldron of Blood/Bloodwrack Shrine and the Doomfire Warlocks miniatures.

Below you can see the miniatures for Morathi in her supposedly two forms:

Who is Morathi you say? Well I’ve follow Warhammer long enought to know that Morathi is some sort of Dark Aelf Hag Sorceress who now seems to be pretty pretty powerful.

A unit which has been revealed are these lower snake body aelves with bows and spears. People call them Naga right now, so I’ll keep calling them like that for the moment as well.


Then there are the new harpies:

As you can see there is lots to come, and I believe this will be one of my new armies this year!

I’ll probably start with collecting some Witch Aelves and a Cauldron of Blood to start testing colour schemes and then when the Battletome and new miniatures are released it will be a building frenzy.

I’ll keep you all posted!

See ya.

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    1. Yeah, I read that somewhere else to, but the second video just highlights how much she is the Shadow Queen, plus another good argument for that miniature being Morathi too is her signature weapon: the spear. The same spear the big giant thing at the end of the reveal trailer seemed to be wielding.

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