The Return of the Schedule

With wanting to create good and nice content I started with planning ahead in mind. Now I’ve written that planning down, sort of, to give myself a good idea of what I’ll be posting about the coming 3 months at least.

Of course I won’t tell you all what will be posted on each given day but I can give an indication of what I intend to post every week. The weekly schedule (it may all be prone to a weekly change due to outside forces etcetera) would look a bit like this:

Monday: Every monday will be Middle-earth Monday, focussing on Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game related Content.

Tuesday: Nothing on a Tuesday.

Wednesday: In general this will be Warhammer (Age of Sigmar) Wednesday.**

Thursday: Nothing on a thursday.

Friday: Will be Middle-earth or Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Saturday: Nothing on a Saturday.

Sunday: Dungeons & Dragons, Tales of Taytrenvia. The weekly post for the interested spectator about my ventures as a dm and the growth of my Homebrew* Campaign World.

As you can see, I aspire to fill every week lots of posts about hobby progress, ideas, topics and even a bit of D&D!

I am very excited about this.

So see ya with coming friday’s Warhammer related post.

*All will be explained in due time.

**Except for this Wednesday due to this explanatory post.