Dungeons & Dragons: Tales of Taytrenvia

A new one for a blog that is mainly about miniatures and painting: Dungeons & Dragons! Another interest of mine. These weekly posts will be about a Homebrew Campaign I’ll be running at home, here I’ll post session recaps and other stuff about the Homebrew Campaign world.

And the first post about this world is two pages taken from The Daily Relic, one of Taytrenvia’s (in essence the Kingdom where this campaign will be played) oldest newspapers.

To my players: on these pages, which won’t be a lot, just the might be important and silly bits your characters might have noticed while staying (if your character might be interested in reading, at all) in an Inn (mostly after the start of the campaign, the following weeks will just mainly be teasers… mainly…) or at other moments. Anyways, it will keep you posted about the campaign and what happens around you while adventuring.

The Daily Relic.

The Daily Relic 2458The Daily Relic 24582

So this was today’s two pages of newspaper, next week we’ll see some news things from The Royal Herald and The Weekly Potion. Will revisit the document when I have found the right amunt of time.

Also: the journalists of the Daily Relic are not proper writers.

I believe the The Royal Herald was of a higher standard than this daily paper, expect more from that. –

See ya!