Local Warhammer Age of Sigmar Doubles Tournament army.

So this Sunday I am going to play with one of my Age of Sigmar armies at a local Age of Sigmar Matched Play Doubles Tournament. I will be playing with my Sylvaneth force. My force is mostly build around being the punch and the support, with some powerful long ranged attacks and a powerful wizard with good armour, health regeneration and a lot of wisdom. Forces are 1000 points per person.

My army is as follows:

1000/1000 points 100/200 points of allies. 2/2 Battleline.

Allegiance: Sylvaneth

Leaders [2 out of 4]

Coetthil , the Treelord Ancient [General]

Coetthil has seen many battles and has been hardened through the ages, because of this he has been growing Oaken ArmourHe has been gifted the Gift of Ghyran  as a command trait, so that whenever he suffers severe wounds he would recover swiftly. As Coetthil is a lover of life and growth the Deepwood spell he most cherishes is Regrowth, he wants to be able to aid his kin and his allies.

Tarron the Loremaster [Allied leader; Ally]

Tarron the Loremaster has been living with the Sylvaneth for a very long while now, he has even spoken with the Goddess of Life herself. Being an ally of the Sylvaneth comes with many benefits: learning new things about nature and even the study of the Deepwood Spell Lore, a school of magic he doesn’t seem to be able to practice. Yet he still studies it, only to discover more of the greatness of the Sylvaneth.

Battlelines [2 out of 2+]

A unit of 5 Tree Revenants: One Scion wields a Protector Glaive; One Revenant plays the Waypipes and One Revenant carries a Glade Banner with him.

Another unit of 5 Tree Revenans: One Scion is wielding an Enchanted Blade.

Other Units [2 out of 2]

A unit of 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Greatswords: There is one Huntmaster in this unit.

A unit of 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows: There is one Huntmaster in this unit.

And last but not least there are some special 0 point Sylvaneth Wyldwoods included in there as well! Sylvaneth Allegiance go!

I can’t wait to see how they will perform during the tournament. Be sure of a proper Tournament review sometime next week!

See ya!



  1. Luke says:

    Very cool colour scheme. Kudos on the painting.

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    1. Niek vw says:

      Thanks man! Am very happy with it!

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  2. Tavendale says:

    These look fantastic, but I have one question about the list.

    Can a loremaster ally with the Sylvaneth? I can’t seem to make it work in the AoS app.

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    1. Niek vw says:

      Tarron, my Loremaster, sure can. Best option is to build your list on the Warhammer Community Warscroll Builder page! And the combination between loremaster and treelord is epic.

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      1. Tavendale says:

        Yeah, the rerolls from the spell look great.

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