Warhammer: and what about more Sylvaneth? Well…

Wednesday I showed you the Sylvaneth army I am going to play with at a tournament this Sunday. Well I now want to look at the miniatures I still need to paint or finish painting! Amongst those are Drycha Hamadreth and Alarielle the Everqueen.

So, the first miniature I still need to finish is the Everqueen herself: Alarielle the Everqueen. A beautiful miniature, a really gorgeous sculpt and a massive miniature as well. A queen of life mounted upon a huge beetle, riding to war. Her left hand is in the shape of a claw and in her right hand she wields a Spear, which she can throw very far away. Alarielle has seen very slow progress during the past 1 and a half year.

Alarielle the Everqueen


Then there is Drycha Hamadreth, I actually bought and build her a couple of months ago and started painting her as well. But sadly I never got to finish and continue painting her.

Drycha Hamadreth

Sylvaneth (45 of 45)


And then there are some of the profiles I want more of:

  • Two more and last units of Tree Revenants
  • A Spirit of Durthu
  • And another unit of Kurnoth Hunters

These are just to give myself a bit more options when building lists. Spirits of Durthu are just amazingly powerful, as are the Kurnoth Hunters. The two units of Tree Revenants are just there to max out my Battleline potential as I don’t really like the Dryads (miniature and profile wise).

So that is it for today, coming Sunday will see a new Dungeons & Dragons related post and next week’s Middle-earth Monday will focus on something different, something a long the line of army lists!

See ya then!



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