Dungeons & Dragons: Tales of Taytrenvia

During this focus on the Kingdom of Taytrenvia I will look at some of the more important buildings in the city, just to give some idea of where the story might take place, what focus points might be and to give some basic information about the city. Mind you, these important buildings are important for the city/kingdom as a whole, so for story they can be important and for the players, if they start in the kingdom or if they enter the kingdom, these are the locations they would have heard stories about.

So some bit of a warning: these locations may change. Their purpose can be altered, there city location can be changed, most things may be subject to change.

So here goes:

The Grand Entrance to Taytrenvia

The first building, or rather wall is the Grand Entrance to Taytrenvia. Located at the lowest point of the city and acting as the main entrance to the kingdom, the Grand Entrance to Taytrenvia is the place where travellers enter and leave Taytrenvia. And this entrance isn’t called ”Grand” for nothing. It is in fact huge, the the gate is somewhere near … feet tall and the walls are about … to … feet tall and two enormous statues guard the gate, ancient heroes or kings of times long gone.

The Manderson Bakery

The Manderson Bakery is the most popular Bakery in the whole of Taytrenvia, the proud owners even deliver their products, mainly breads, cakes and other delicious things, to the Queen herself during the many special celebrations and events every year. The business is so successful that there are multiple shops in the different city regions. The most famous product is the Raspberry Pomegranate Cake, it one of the Queen’s favourites as well.

The Main Bakery, located in the Crafters Region of the City Kingdom, is a three story building, painted in warm colours and decorated with beautiful mountain flowers during the warmer months, and beautiful branches and lints during the colder months of the year.

The Lost Inn

The Lost Inn is one of the more famous inns in Taytrenvia, known for literally warping from location to location every 11 days. The mostly likely cause is that the building was once the residence of wizard of some kind that put some wicked spells on the building. The owners after that must have triggered something to make the the building change its location like it does. That’s also the reason they called it The Lost Inn, because it always looks lost against the ever changing surroundings. Because of this building’s warping ability the city has placed different wards and spells in the different regions of the city to guide the building to a safe place. It does not always work as the Inn may often find itself directly in front of another building, with no space in between.

But the citizens of Taytrenvia have taken it for granted and to be honest with you, many travellers and citizens find it to be a must see attraction!

The Royal Theater

The Royal Theater is one of the oldest theaters in the City Kingdom. Being around 1720 years old, this theater has seen the most plays in the whole history of Taytrenvia. It is a big building, 3 stories high and built together by elves, dwarfs and humans. That’s the reason the style of the building is so unusual and unifying.

The Tower of Dairellius

Last but not least is the tower of Dairellius, the famous wizard that (as is theorised) introduced magic to Taytrenvian life, setting up the first wizard guilds, schools and libraries for the Taytrenvian citizen and other interested folk to visit. With the help of the elves and other beings who have a strong relationship with magic Dairellius build the Tower. The Tower was designed as a spell, with charms, ward spells and other magical elements woven through it, that would guard Taytranvia against a magic assault.

After this first Tower, now called the The Tower of Dairellius, there came more. Until there were 9, the central tower being the oldest and smallest and the newest towers being the taller ones. As the newer and taller towers are now more advanced than the old Tower of Dairellius is the Tower of Dairellius now serves as a beacon of pride and an example of the achievements that were made during the years that followed.

So, this post is longer than I expected it to be. Next week I will look at some of the finished drawings and illustrations I have shown in this post, and if not next week the week after that.

See ya!