New Schedule

Well what do you know, it’s time for a new schedule… Even though I didn’t manage posting in the way my first schedule announced I would, I want to change it already. So I can give my self a healthy amount of pressure and plenty of room to write and think about what to write. So here goes the newest posting schedule!

Every week starts on a Sunday so:

Sunday: Every Sunday will still see Dungeons & Dragons related posts, especially about the Tales of Taytrenvia storyline, the Homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Monday: Can be Middle-earth, Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40K (although that will be a real rarity).

Tuesday: On tuesday I will post something short about some Youtube Channels, great Facebook pages where the Games Workshop Communities gather and other stuff, news, updates. A lot of things are possible!

Wednesday: Painting Tutorials or painting ideas, I’ll share sketches, colour tests, experiments for the basing of my miniatures among other things. Basically this is a day full of hobby.

Thursday & Friday: These two days are there for me to plan and maybe post some updates.

Saturday: Will most likely feature hobby content as well, I’m planning on putting together painting tutorials, so that I can show the people of the world my methods and techniques I use while painting my miniatures.

So this will be the ”newest” weekly schedule, and sometimes there will be posts, but sometimes there will be posts. Busy life busy schedule, but there will be content!

See ya!