D&D: Deities of the World – Part 1 of 4.

Today the deities of the universe get introduced. The coming 4 posts will be about the  deities, archangels and other godly beings that inhabit the realms of the universe – or multiverse – Taytrenvia is part of. This week we will look at he Origin Tier ( the 8th) and the 7th tier. These tiers will go from 8 to 1, 8th being the highest ranking tier and 1 being the lowest.

The Origin Tier – Tier 8

In this tier the Great-Mother is the ultimate and only being, ever so ancient and ever so mysterious. Believed to hide herself behind the a curtain created by multiple realms and universes and is said to only intervene in the fate of her creations when absolutely necessary, so only in the most dire need. The belief is that she birthed the multiple universes into existence after she created her children, hence the name Great-Mother.

There is this old Taytrenvian myth about the Great-Mother, telling of her short appearance in the heavens during the times of the Plane Wars*, giving the peoples that fought the ancient Demons hope and courage to continue fighting.

Not much else is know about the Great-Mother except that multiple civilisations and races share some kind of feeling that this first being is true. Not only that, in many religions there is this central being that is said to be the beginning of all things… who knows if she will appear again in the future, as a blessing or as a portent of war.

The God Tier – Tier 7

Tier seven houses the Gods*, the highest power after the Great-Mother. They were Great-Mother’s second creation. And they poses a lot of power, being creators and overseers of reality, time and the multiple realms and universe that are in existence.

The First God:

Radia, Goddess of Chaos and Order. The balance between chaos and order is maintained by Radia and her disciples, followers and angels. Controlling the natural and unnatural flow of things, making sure every thing work like it should. She makes sure the other deities in his tier can do their work without being interrupted by a disrupted power flow.

Triach, God of Time. Controls the flow of past, present and future time. Making sure everything flows in a chronological order. He is time.

Vinea, Goddess of Magics. Vinea is an overseer of the arcane. She works closely with Radia, constantly keeping the order between the dark and light magic, although in contrary there is not really something like dark and light magic. It’s more something like a grey area. It’s all about how magical powers are used that makes it light or dark.

Taleria, Goddess of Destruction. The name says it all, destruction is her trope, she somehow makes sure a mess gets cleaned up, be it of supernatural origin or something done by lesser beings. When its a great problem she gets to destroy things.

Merith, the Trickster Goddess. A goddess of deceit and illusion. She is known for being a annoyance to the other deities sometime.

Orixienna, Goddess of Life. That’s what she is. Birth, the coming of what the Taytrenvians call ”spring” and summer. Grower of flowers and the universal gardener.

Iliyea, Queen of the Underworld. She basically rules the plane of death. And to be clear, you better not mess with her unless you have a really good reason to.

So, although most descriptions were a bit short. Those were the first 8 deities, next week I’ll talk about the 6th and 5th tier. These tiers have much to do with angels and demi-gods. Next week will also see some of the signs used to depict these deities.

See ya next week!