Idoneth Deepkin

The time is now! The Idoneth Deepkin, a mysterious Aelven faction, have revealed themselves. The first creation of the new God Teclis, a creation he deemed a failure. These are aelves who reside in the oceans, ride shark and tortoise like creatures among other things. They wield tridents and they wear mighty wave like cloaks. These are soul stealers. The Aelven kin from the deep.

Of course, the last few sentences of this intro were just my own fabrication, still it would be a perfect description of Games Workshop’s newest Order faction for Age of Sigmar. And it’s a reveal only a month and half after the Daughters of Khaine! Two Aelven factions in two months! We wanted them and we got them. And oh boy do they look good!

First I want you to check out the reveal trailer:


And some pictures they put online on Warhammer Community:

An Idoneth Deepkin Hero of some sort, there’s this speculation it is an avatar of an old Aelven god.
A tortoise with 6 fins!
Presumably a wizard and some archers and in the back sharks!
Another colour scheme for the tortoise!

And a collection of stills from the reveal trailer video:

Just to say I really really love these miniatures and I will definitely start an army of Idoneth Deepkin with an allied Daughters of Khaine element.

But I don’t want to go into more detail before we get more official information. So I will share more when there is more to share.

What do you think of the Idoneth Deepkin? Are they cool? Are they not what you expected or are they more than you expected? Tell me and we can discuss!

See ya.

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