D&D Deities of the World: part 2 of 4

This Sunday’s Dungeons & Dragons related will be about the 6th and the 5th tier that includes all the deities, angels and other very powerful and mostly heavenly creatures. The 6th and 5th tier consist of angels and titans. Both tiers habit the eight most important of there kind.

The 6th Tier: Zerahim, the Angels of the Highest Order.

Barghalandus, Archangel of Time. Barghandulus is the head of all angels and creatures that serve the god of time. He is can appear in all the different realities that are created when a choice is made. He stands, as his god does, above time.

Chamaler, Archangel of Chaos. Chamaler is a creator of chaos, a harbinger of chaos even. Bringing Chaos with him wherever he goes.

Vilhia, Archangel of Magics, grand spell-caster and Vinea’s Champion. Vilhia is a powerful mage with an unimaginable talent to combine and weave multiple spells, enchantments and hexes or whatever she casts into something powerful.

Gherani. Archangel of Trickery.

Ivermil, Prince of the Underworld. Iliyea’s firstborn and a powerful Archangel who gathers the souls of the dead. Most cultures know him best as the Reaper.

Quitero, Harbinger of Spring. Archangel of rebirth. It is said that the Archangel Quitero has the ability to grant chosen people the blessing of rebirth.

The 5th Tier: The Gates. This tier consist of The Five Elders, they represent the passage to the after-life.

Herhin, the Judge. Herhin judges all and cannot be judged. He is the eldest of the Elders and he judges the great spiritual wrongdoers, mostly demons and fallen angels. Sometimes mortals from the worlds in the material planes.

Maedron, the Balance. Maedron balances everything. The actions of all living and dead beings, good against bad. He is the first obstacle to the afterlife.

Kehelat, the Executioner. When the Herhin deems you guilty, the Executioner executes. With a spear made out of pure light, the judged’s whole being gets pierced and reduced to atoms.

Zurenul, the Chronicler. Zerenul keeps track of everyone who comes before the Judge, writing down names, dates among other things.

Balot, the Guide. When Herhin deems you not guilty of any crimes you are allowed to pass through and enjoy the rest of your life in your own version of heaven.

So these were the 6th and 5th tiers, Wednesday I will post a short story concerning one of the Archangels I’ve shown here.

See ya!