Idoneth Deepkin: Leaks and White Dwarf Preview

On the Warhammer Community page this month’s White Dwarf has been previewed and of course, there are lots of juicy things coming in this month’s issue (like Middle-earth content) but the most important thing for me, no us, now are the Idoneth Deepkin. And they are going to drop this month! With multiple sources confirming that they will go up for pre-order on the 14th this month (something my wallet seems to agree with) its going to be a great month for us Aelf lovers.

First I’ll start with the pictures that were posted on the Warhammer Community site:

Idoneth Deepkin White Dwarf preview
The Guide to the Idoneth Deepkin

A gorgeous spread picture depicting the Idoneth Deepkin fighting against some Orruk Ironjaws. If you read closely and very carefully this spread tells a lot already of how the Idoneth deepkin are able to fight on land: with the help of magical tides! Somehow. Oh and they fight to claim souls, its a tragic reason they raid, yet as leaks tell it’s not entirely with evil intend, not them. No it’s far far far more tragic. But more about that a bit further down this post.

Very nice preview indeed. But now onto the leaks of this month’s White Dwarf:

I won’t be posting pictures but I will tell them what they are about and what they might say (Oh no, here they are):

The first picture talks about lore.

As this excerpt says, the Idoneth Deepkin’s tragic reason to raid for souls is simply to sustain the lives of those of their kind that are born without souls. One in hundred is born with a soul, the rest is born soulless, those who are born soulless are expected not to live past infancy. Very tragic indeed. Those who are born with a soul will be the race ‘s guides: spellcasters and priests.

So the second picture, a very nice graphic piece of art, I want to talk about is one that shows four key character models from this faction:

So this pictures tells us some more interesting things about the Idoneth Deepkin their characters/heroes we saw in the other previews and the trailers (I’ll use those pictures for now):


#1: Soul Wardens (The Scribe guy with the Octupus): So Soul wardens keep record, they keep record of the souls kept in the something-leums. They are the ones to inform the elders of their race that a raid is needed for new souls. From the text it seems that this Soul Warden might be a named character, as most wardens don’t seem to leave their underwater habitat.

Idoneth Deepkin Soulscryer
Soulscryers are priests and guides.

#2: Soulscryers: priests and navigators of the Idoneth Deekpin. They can sense the energy of souls and identify them. The stronger the soul, the easier it is for a soulscryer to identify them. They seem to be able to navigate certain Whirway Portals to plot courses and reach distant lands.

Idoneth Deepkin Soulrender

#3: Soulrenders: The soul hunters of the Idoneth Deepkin. Hunting down fallen souls and ensnaring them with the Lurelight that dangles on their head. They hunt and they hunt. Ripping targets apart and ensnaring their souls. It seems that sometimes though they not always kill and only take souls, resulting in victims falling into a never ending soulless sleep.

Deepkin Tidecaster

#4: Tidecasters: Magic and illusion is where they excel at, they enable the Idoneth to travel the endless oceans of the Mortal Realms with their magic. Tidecasters are also the ones that summon the ethersea that surrounds the Idoneth Deepkin, the ethersea enables the Idoneth Deepkin and all their creatures to fight on land. Something that leaves their foes disorientated and gasping for breath as this sea washes over them.

And then So this is all so interesting, especially after reading what all of these heroes can do. And I am very interested to see how this translates into rules and I am far more interested in more of the Lore behind the Idoneth Deepkin. And I must be quite honest, this army seems to be more interesting to me now than the Daughters of Khaine do.

But that’s it for this post, when there’s more news you’ll know because I, as a lot of others do, will post and write about it!

See ya!