Idoneth Deepkin: New Picture

So the a new picture has been posted by the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page, and it’s a very nice picture showing most units of the Idoneth Deepkin faction.

Idoneth Deepkin.jpg

I think it’s a really nice picture because it gives a good and clear image of the size of most of the Idoneth Deepkin beasts that have been shown. In this image we can see: A Soulscryer; A Tidecaster; A Soulrender; Multiple units of eyeless warriors with close combat weapons and long range weapons; Two large turtle like creatures with different paint schemes; the hero on the seahorse creature; The warriors riding eel like creatures and the warriors riding on big sharks. The Units that seem to be missing from this picture are The Soul Warden and the different builds for the Avatar of Mathlann.

It’s very cool to see the newest Aelf faction in a picture like this, it gives a good sense of how they look like when combined into a cool looking force.

There’s been some new leaks from this month’s White Dwarf that tell about how Idoneth Deepkin have different nations in different parts of the deep Oceans in the Mortal Realms and how they traverse from ocean to sea to ocean: through whirlways, in essence underwater Realmgates. It gives these nations names and it mentions the cities they live in, there even is one city on a giant sea creature that seems to move from realm to realm!

All in all very very very exciting stuff to look at, read about and expect from the upcoming Aelf releases.

When the White Dwarf drops I’ll try and post a sort in depth dive into all of its Idoneth Deepkin related content and after that I’ll try and think of how I’ll be starting an Idoneth Deepkin force!

See ya then!