Idoneth Deepkin – Start of an army

 So, the Idoneth Deepkin are almost here and from what I’ve seen at the moment and what will be released I am already planning how I am going to build this army, how I am going to paint these miniatures and when I am planning to use them in a battle, just to give myself a date where most of the miniatures have to be build and painted. Say, the current goal I set for myself is next years Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament at Warhammer World. A gaming event that happens every year and I really want to be a part of it next year, with my new Idoneth Deepkin force! So to make it official, I am now telling you all that this army will be finished before the end of November this year!

So, of course, it’s now only a little bit of speculation to what will be battleline and what not but I can assume a few things very safely. Now, a break down of the army. I will need to collect a lot of different units, heroes and even a behemoth or two. Of course I need to set a minimum point limit for this army as well, and that will be 2000 points! So I will need to build and paint at least 2000 points of miniatures for this army before the end of this year’s November.

So with a goal set, a points mark I want to reach and a healthy good amount of enthusiasm and inspiration for this project and totally new army. Below you can see some of my first color studies for this army, I really want to try and capture how I envision these elves from the depths of the seas and oceans. So a lot of colours will be inspired by the seas and oceans, the beach and the aquatic life.

So for that I started to draw multiple things inspired by what was shown on Warhammer Community and in this month’s White Dwarf Magazine: Images of aquatic life; underwater cities; underwater gates and lots more.

Quick Deepkin City
Quick Idoneth Deepkin city sketch idea


Tale of a Lone Warlord

The Core – Gracious with an eyeless stare

So the way I will be collecting this army is through the Tale of X Warlords idea, but now seulement, so as a start I will buy one of the new heroes and probably one or two boxes of Namarti Thralls, a hero and some battleline infantry. The perfect start for a new force! I think I will start with a Tidecaster and/or a Soulscryer. I will have to see but I think I will build this force with a certain theme in mind that reflects a certain aspect of the Deepkin very well.

The core of the army will begin with 20 Namarti Thralls and a Tidecaster and/or a Soulscryer.

Below are some sketches of how I want to try to base my miniatures.

Basing ideas for my Idoneth Deepkin

Rising Tides – From the dark they come

Of course when you have collected the core of your army you will eventually need to expand. Of course the first thing I am thinking of are the Akhelian Beast Riders, especially the ones on the Eels and the Sharks (insert real AoS name) will be the addition of at least one unit of Ishlaen Guard and an Akhelean King. 

Memories of a lost God – Aspects of Mathlann

Then after that I will add an Eidolon of Mathlann, I will probably build this one as the wizard version: The Aspect of the Sea. This will be the first big addition to the army.

The Beasts Below – The drums, the drums

Then, after the Eidolon of Mathlann I will add one Leviadon to this growing force from the deeps. These big turtles will be, next to the Eidolon, another great centrepiece and focus point of my army.

The Harvest of Souls – Of Scryers and Renders

Following the Leviadon are Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers and a Soulrender. All for the harvisting of the souls. Great miniatures that will add more depth to the force, no doubt.

Keep in mind that this all is just a first idea for the building and collecting of my army, all of this may change when I have received and read the new Battletome, maybe changing directions because of new information and ideas I got from this soon to be released book. A book that I expect to be filled with lore about their origins and where they might be going.

But all about that in the next post, these posts about my army will also be gathered on the newest page on my blog: Idoneth Deepkin – My Army.

So see ya with my next Idoneth Deepkin related post!