Tales of A Lone Warlord , Tale 1: Idoneth Deepkin – The Lothlathain Enclave

So in my last post about the Idoneth Deepkin I talked about how I would build and collect my Idoneth Deepkin collection. Because I love to plan things and then not follow that plan. But of course I now I do have a plan that I somehow want to follow through. I call this plan The Lothlathain Project. Lothlathain is the name of the Enclave of my own fabrication, it’s name is a combination of Lothern from The World that Was and the Eltharin word Lathain. Meaning Storm and wrath among some other things. I thought that would be a fitting name, something of a memory and something that would foreshadow this Enclave’s nature. 

Also what better way could there be to start with a new army, collect miniatures and paint them than the Tale of X Warlords concept? Exactly, and that is why I made it the Tales of A Lone Warlord. It is a solo adventure of building and painting and collecting and writing lists for an Idoneth Deepkin army. I will be playing against other players for small battle reports and cool action shots of course and maybe guide the collecting of this force through the battles that are fought.

– The Lothlathain Enclave and the City of Lothain –

The Lothlathain Enclave, a new enclave of a fan’s imagination. Founded in the Ghyran’s deep oceans with a strong connection to the Sylvaneth and especially Coetthil, the Treelord Ancient of my Sylvaneth army. A strong relationship that has been standing since lots and lots of years ago, forged after a great battle between the bloated followers of Nurgle and the Deepkin and the Sylvaneth. Coetthil Glade will not be targeted for the soul raids, he knows about their condition and, as an advocate of life, gives notice of battles that will be fought between his glade and other forces so that after the Deepkin can sweep in and harvest. This is great for both the forces, for the Lothlathain Enclave is very keen on building relationships with other races, settlements and people through trust and help. They raid but only after battles, after small civil wars that are fought between other forces, if a city has been hit by a plague and it has been given up on anyway.

Some tidecasters even fight alongside Coetthil’s Glade when they need help and add confusing element when planning ambushes and battles. Or when there are migrations and they need an illusion to be hidden behind.

When these forces fight together in a great they call themselves The Stormgrowth. A mighty force led by Lothlathain’s Akhelian King Dorthindrius and Coetthil, the Treelord Ancient. The Stormgrowth had been formed during great battles in the Mortal Realms a few times. Not much is known about these forces however, for how swiftly they appear they quickly disappear.

– Dorthindrius Doombringer, Akhelian King of the Lothlathain Enclave –

Dorthindrius Doombringer, Akhelian King and General of the Lothlathain Enclave and protector of their city Lothain. Having lived for a very long time and being one of the first Akhelians that came after Teclis’ original Cythai.

Dorthindrius story began in the deep Oceans of Hysh, being raised by the Akhelian warriors and being taught by the Isharann in the way of politics. Learning, training, leading small raids and so on. He became very adapt and skilled. Yet he found he had another vision of how to do things, one that would not be shared by his enclave. His old enclave was more agressive, more about the killing, while still needed, felt more harmful to others then it should and maybe could be.

He left, guided by Isharann and Akhelian that shared his ideas and were interested in what his plans were. They left with a great number of Namarti and beasts to reach new depths in new realms. Dorthindrius and his following reached the warm and life filled waters of Ghyran where he founded Lothain, City of Drowned Memories. The City was build around a whirlway, a very central and heavily guarded point in the city. Around the realmgate itself a colloseum was build. A place where the beasts are being trained and enslaved, a place where the namarti are being trained and a place where ceremonies are being held.

After being in Ghyran for a while and picking raiding on souls of villages that were destined to be corrupted or where on its way to be corrupted entirely Dorthindrius, while being on an expedition on the surface in the Wyldwoods of Ghyran crossed paths with Coetthil, an ancient Treelord. Somehow they seemed familiar, like old friends or souls that where from a whole other place than the mortal realms entirely. They made a connection and shared there concerns for the realms, the things they love. Dorthindrius shared with his his frustration with not wanting to be in hiding and in isolation even though it is essential to his kin’s survival.

Tales of A Lone Warlord Tale 2:

Of Namarti and High Council and a mysterious Temple

Tale of a Lone Warlord Tale 2 will be about the first miniatures I will have bought and build and started painting for this personal project, there I will also talk about the Lothlathain’s High Council. That’s all for Tale of A Lone Warlord today. If you are interested in keeping track of this post or if you are interested in (yet another) Idoneth Deepkin Battletome Review, please let me know!

See ya!