Tales of A Lone Warlord, Tale 3: Nomads from the desert.

Tale 3 of Tales of A Lone Warlord is upon us, like a wave crashing into rocky shores of somewhere in Ghyran, I suppose. Tale 3 might be a bit different than I told it would be in Tale 2’s post, as some plans had shifted and the first battle was a fact! Oh yes, recently I put my first two units against Ben’s force. An Aelf Wanderers force. The first few games are played with the open play rules in mind, and there will be a lot of houserules and ideas involved too. At least I can imagine that. As these battles will be played with narrative in mind as well.

Because you all know quite some things about the Lothlathain you won’t get anything new from me right now. But because I am introducing you to a new player in this Tales of a Lone Warlord post… but wait, new player? Lone Warlord? Doesn’t sound ”lone” to me either. That’s why it is from now on called: Tales of Three Warlords. Three? Yes another player will be introduced next week!

Now Benjamin will introduce his Free City and the peoples that live there.

– The Free City of Brimstone –

Ben: In Ghyran lies the Brim Desert, one of the more challenging places in the Realm of Life to live. Once, the Sylvaneth had lived there, until the region was engulfed in flames and burned to ashes and they were chased away by the sickness that is Nurgle.

After Alarielle the Everqueen’s rebirth House Emberhearth of the Sylvaneth fought with tooth and branch, in order to take control of the Brim Desert. Every step they took brought life back to the defiled region. With a great amount of sacrifice and the help of their allies the Sylvaneth cleansed their lands from Nurgle’s Rot, they build a greay Living City after this. The city that would go by the name of… Brimstone.

The city is inhabited by a wide variety of races, the main one being the Sylvaneth of House Emberhearth who are led by Ashen the Ancient One, a Sylvaneth Ancient. The other races and people that work and live in Brimstone are aelves, the Stormcast Eternals that serve the God-King Sigmar and quite a lot duardin.  Most of the Aelves are part of Notak Hawksight’s Wanderers, Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals are led by Lord-Celestant Douglass Shadowstep. Most of the duardin that live in Brimstone are part of the Dispossed, they are ruled by Umgorn Flamestone, their Warden King.

– An Introduction to the Battle of Highmoore Hill –

Highmoore Hill, a remote settlement near the coast of Ghyran’s greatest ocean, was covered in fog. It was almost quiet for only the faint musical sound of the waves in the distance could be heard, yet sometimes it seemed as if they were not that distant at all.

Notak sighed, no sign of his scouts yet. How could it take them so long, maybe they were ambushed by the sick followers of Nurgle that attacked this place. He did not know.

Several days earlier he and his scouting party received an alarming message: the town of Highmoore Hill was being attacked by Nurgle’s foules. Notak gathered his glade guard and together, with his trusted Aetherhawk Ikolf, they set for Highmoore Hill.

When they arrived at the town, two days after receiving the alarm, there was no sign of struggle or fight, only a thick fog that seemed to cover the place. A fog that almost looked like it was alive, breathing somehow or as if it had different tides. Like the sea and it shores nearby. Something was off, yet he was not sure what, so he sent two glade guards into the fog to scout and eventually return. Yet they did not. As if they gave the fog something that it would never give back.

Notak and his Aetharhawk, his Champion and ten of his guards set went ahead and enter the fog, in search of the forgotten and the unknown.

Dorthindrius felt, like the Thralls that were with him, the two scouts entering the mist. They were his distant kin, aelves like they were. He ordered two thralls forward, to silently kill them and take their souls. He felt, as the fog breathed, more beings in the distance. One seemed to be important and the other a little bit less, then there were a lot of the same ones, like those two that were sent into the mist. After they took the souls of those that were left behind after the Nurgle attack he did not expect a new challenge to arrive so soon. Other aelves. Ah, they entered the fog. Now he could choose to withdraw and not be seen or he could ambush his oh so distant kin. The latter felt more reasonable, for now none should be left alive…

– What the small armies looked like –

Thralls (1 of 31)

So my force consisted of an Akhelian King and a unit of ten Namarti Thralls. They have the Idoneth Deepkin Allegiance and Akhelian king got a suitable item and command trait. As they are their own special enclave, the Lothlathain, I am able to choose between all six enclaves. For this battle I chose Dom-Hain.

Ben’s force consisted of a Nomad Prince, a Waystrider and ten Glade Guards. They had the Wanderers Allegiance and command trait and artefact, which I sadly do not remember.

We played two games based on this encounter. Just to see what would happen. It was a simple to the death game. For me it was a first game with my Idoneth Deepkin, I wanted to know how they would perform on the battlefield and how destructive the High Tide actually can be (it is so destructive and aggressive!). I think that for Ben it was really something to learn how the Idoneth Deepkin are on the battlefield, for he knows that he would be playing multiple games against them during these Tales of three Warlords.

We decided to play a game at our local Warhammer Store: Warhammer Rotterdam, located in The Netherlands. I reserved a table with two gameboard tiles. (those 2 by 2 ft ones) as we did not have a lot of units, two for me and three for Ben to be precise.

Pictures from the games, I am not exactly sure how everything went but both times the outcome was that Ben’s archery did not kill my Thralls fast enough. I managed to wipe his force out during both games in the third battle round: High Tide.*

What I do know however is that Ben was wise enough to make sure he shot at the Thralls, which to be fair could only be targeted because of the Forgotten Nightmares Allegiance Ability, and kill them as fast as he could. For the Thralls have a very bad save. But they do hit very hard in combat.

Here are the pictures:

*High Tide is one of the Tides of Death, an Allegiance Ability from the Idoneth Deepkin. During this tide all Idoneth deepkin units hit first during the combat round.

Notak and his champion managed to flee Highmoore, returning to Brimstone but really remembering what they had encountered. A faint vision of fish swimming through fog was what he could remember.

Next week will see another battle report style post, this time an encounter between the Idoneth Deepkin and a company of Blood Warriors and their general. What do you think about the Idoneth Deepkin, would you like to see more battle reports with maybe more descriptions and text that go along with the picture? Please let me know! I’ll try and keep record of how the turns that were played went and I’ll write down key moments.

See ya!