A New Edition with New Armies and New Miniatures

Because I like sharing all the things that are being shared by Warhammer Community themselves (here: Warhammer Fest 2018 Liveblog ) here are some of the miniatures and trailers about the new edition and two totally (well one at least) new armies for the upcoming edition. An edition of the game that will see light coming June! JUNE! It’s coming so fast, we’re almost at the half of May and it’s coming in June! The new edition banner picture is awesome!

First I’ll put the two trailers for the new forces down here:

The Nighthaunt Battletome Reveal Trailer:


And the Sacrosanct Chamber Reveal Trailer:

(Look at that new Age of Sigmar War Beast, now these are Stormcast Eternals I’d like to collect very much, I had no real love for the currently existing ones but these magi, priests and engineer ones are really, really making my wallet nervous.)

And some pictures that were shared by the Warhammer TV and Warhammer Community team:


All in all awesome things are coming our way. I think I will be getting that Night of Shrouds on spectral steeds as well, to paint. As I said earlier, for all the news and more info and better wording on all that is coming and being revealed and teased check out the Warhammer Community website and their Live-blog!

See ya!