Tales of Three Warlords, Tale 4: The Intruders

It’s time for another Tales of Three Warlords, this time I will look back at a battle against Jeroen’s Blades of Khorne. A very nice and cinematic battle with a story element to it, as all these games are of course! So today sees Dorthindrius and his Deepkin return to their home, yet they are about to be raided by a band of Khorne warriors and their leader…

So the third and final warlord of this Tale of X Warlords series to introduce is Jeroen, and he has written something to introduce us to his army:

Halborak, the Butcher of Skyfang, kneeled. The ground was covered in dry blood. This must be the place. It matched the description given by Gerron. The Slaughterpriest had tasked Halborak to find a possible ally here, a great warrior, like the vision had shown him. Gerron had insisted when Halborak did not comply to go out and find this ally. It was necessary to find as many warriors for their lord, the Kor, for there were many blades needed for their unholy crusade. Halborak had conceded, left with his best warriors in tow and had now come to this place. There was no one here. Was this a trick? Did Gerron send him here because he was gaining to much glory in the eyes of the Lord of Blood? Halborek angrily turned around to head back, but stopped instantaneously as there was someone standing in front of him. He had not heard him coming. The unknown warrior spoke with a voice that didn’t sound completely human.

“I am Igrobar the Exalted, honored in Khorne’s ire. What is the meaning of this intrusion? Speak or die.” Halborak knew this was one of the Exalted Deathbringers, the most glorious of Khorne’s warriors. His anger turned into awe.

“I have come to you, great Exalted, to ask you to join the great Kor’s grand crusade. Our Slaughterpriests had this vision…”.

“I’ve also had this vision, warrior.” Igrobar snarled. “It seems Khorne wants me to join in this crusade of yours. But first I will have need of you and your warrior’s axes. You are not the only intruders to come here.”

As the final sentence suggests, there are some intruders near. These intruders Igrobar speaks of are quite possibly the mysterious figures they spotted. Something that reminded him of the aelfkind…

The Ambush of the Deep Dark’s Raiders

This is actually the first in a series of narrative games I came up with together with the other players. The narrative here is, obviously, the return of my Idoneth Deepkin to the warm waters of one of Ghyran’s oceans. Yet they are surprised when a group of Blood Warriors and their leader suddenly appear from out of nowhere. 

After a successful soul raid in Highmoore Hill, Dorthindrius and his raiding party are on their way to their home. To aid and give council for what to do next and where to go  Fuemar decided to join them.

Set up:


The Blades of Khorne are ready to ambush the unsuspecting Idoneth Deepkin:

Turn 1 Khorne: The surprise



With the first roll for priotity Khorne takes turn 1.  They decide to get as close as possible in the shortest amount of time through the act of running.

After that nothing happens.

Turn 1 Idoneth: The Escape

Battle Jeroen (5 of 27)
What the board looked like after battle round 1

As it was the objective for the Idoneth Deepkin to escape I decided to let them run away in the movement phase, Dorhtrindius decided to speed towards the Exalted Deathbringer by ‘flying’ and landing upon the building.

Turn 2 Idoneth: First death of an Exalted Hero.

Scryer fishes are shooting. After running away and moving towards the Deathbringer my Soulscryer lets his fishes go and attack the Khorne Blood Warriors. Surprisingly, with their 8 attacks, 5+ to hit and 5+ to inflict damage I managed to kill one of them. 2 attacks out of 8!

Dorthrindius managed to inflict mortal wounds on the Deathbringer, the first after the chargin deepmare inflicts damage with its horn and after that doing a lot of damage with his own bladed polearm wich is also the Abyssal Blade (an artefact that grants a weapon an extra rend of 1). The Deathbringer is dead.

Battle Jeroen (9 of 27)

Turn 2 Khorne: Blood for the Blood God

The Blood Warriors of Khorne, after a heavy amount of walking are in for the charge, with their lord going a different route.

They try and succeed in charging and do not manage to inflict a lot of wounds as the Namarti manage to save most of them.

Yet, after a heavy counter attack from the Deepkin the Blood Warriors survive their Battleshock test.

Turn 3 Idoneth Deepkin: The Crashing of the Waves

Battle Jeroen (14 of 27)

It is the third Battle Round which means High Tide! During High Tide (one of the tides of death from the Tides of Death allegiance ability) all illegible Idoneth Deepkin units always attack first during the combat phase, during your own turn and your opponent’s.

During the Hero phase Dorthrindius used his Lord of Tides ability to grant a unit within a certain amount of inch range an extra attack with all weapons that they have.

Then Charges from the two units that can do the most damage: The Thralls and the King.

The Namarti Thralls were under the effect of the command ability and they were able to dish out a total amount of 25 attacks! Only two Blood Warriors managed to survive.

Turn 3 Khorne: Back from the Dead.

Blessing of Khorne. Narrative rule: Exalted deathbringer komt terug tot l3ven en slaat in combat als eerst. Daarna de Idoneth

As a special narrative rule we gave the option for the Deathbringer to have a Blessing. This Blessing would be a resurrection on a 3+. And the Deathbinger was blessed indeed as the Chaos God of Blood and Gore brought him back alive again.

One Blood Warrior and the Lord of Khroen survived but the revived deathbringer did not survive the second round of blows he got from the Akhelian King. The Soulscryer got a nasty amount of wounds yet managed to survive.

Turn 4 khorne: An Ambush gone Wrong.

In this turn the Scryer dies at the bloody hands of the Lord of Khorne.

Turn 4 Deepkin: The Retreating Wave

Battle Jeroen (23 of 27)

The Remaining alive Namarti Thralls run for their lives towards the board’s edge. The Lord of Khorne faces the wrath of Dorthindrius and is mortally wounded and forced to flee in the end.

A battle that resulted in a Deepkin victory with a heavy loss of thrall life and a mortally wounded scryer. Even though the Blades of Khorne are in a far worse place I have a haunting feeling that they will return again…

– Paints a brushes –

Next Tale of Three Warlords will focus on the hobby aspect of our armies. With pictures and descriptions all of those things that belong in a hobby focused post.

See ya!