Starspire: Grand City of Magic

In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars (as that is the current happenings of Age of Sigmar) Games Workshop has given us, several months ago, the tools to create your own Free City. These tools are schemes with names and other interesting bits to create a foundation of your Free City. And I thought, with the release of AoS 2.0 on the horizon, why not make a Free City of my own where Stormcast Eternals of the newest Chamber (The Sacrosanct) will have settled. And thus Starspire, Grand City of Magic was born. A natural choice for the Stormcast Eternals as magic is their aspect. Today an introduction to Starspire.

Starspire Grand City of Magic

– Starspire: Grand City of Magic –

Starspire first sketch.png

A great city in Ghur, The Realm of Beasts. Called the Grand City of Magic by its inhabitants and the ones who tell tales of Starspire as if it were a ruin lost long ago. Nothing is less true, as Starspire is still very much alive. It is a city protected by a surrounding magical barrier that mirrors the city’s surrounding mountains, this makes city almost invisible to the untrained eye. For it is a flicker of light that sometimes gives away the city’s location.

The city is notable for its guild of legendary monster hunters: Meltor’s Trackers; A notable freeguild called La Guilde des Âmes Libres (The Guild of Free Souls) led by François le Raffin; a great college of magic and hidden deep within The Wizard’s Mantle, a relic from the world that was.

– College of Magic:The Wizard’s Mantle –

Wizard's Mantle First Sketch.png

The Wizard’s Mantle is the greatest college of magic in Starspire where all the magically gifted come to learn, study, practice and try and everything that you would expect from a college of magic. The college consists of three big buildings connected by bridges and a great garden: these buildings are three great towers, one of 14 storeys high, one of 26 storeys high and one of 32 storeys high. Of course there are stairs in these building but only a fool would use those, luckily there are magical signs and slabs that give magic users the ability to teleport from floor to floor.

At The Wizard’s Mantle there are a lot of notable wizards, mages and other magic users that are teaching and researching there. One of them is Bartandalose Brightheart. Bartandalose is a member of the Wizard’s Mantle’s board of directors. It is his job to oversee the development of spells and taming of wild magics. Other members are Wilheminia Stale, Gereni Menther, Audriz Horthe and Felix Carter.

– La Guilde des Âmes Libres –

The Guild of Free Souls.

A guild that is led by François le Raffin, a proud and cunning man that calls himself the Captain of the Free. The guild has offices in multiple free settlements in Ghur.

– Meltor’s  Starfire Trackers –

Meltor Starheart is the leader of the Starfire Trackers, he is a veteran Stormcast Eternal. The Starfire Trackers are quite popular for their trophies: they hunted down multiple big beasts that could be possible threats to the city. One of those beasts was Alakort the Stonehorn, a great Stonehorn that was a least 30 feet tall and brutishly strong. The great thing about The Starfire Trackers is that they deliver the dead creatures to the colleges of magic and the scientific institutes in the city, so that they can study, learn and collect all there is to know about the beasts of Ghur.

– Hobby and Army Goals –

My goal is to build a division of the army of this Free City. This division will focus on the magic hunters, a combination of the Starfire Trackers, LGAl (La Guilde des Âmes Libres) and the soon to be released Sacrosanct Chamber Stormcast Eternals. The hobby aspect will focus on painting and achieving something that looks like it is an art deco painting or rather anything art deco and art nouveau. I think that fits with this. What I also will try to do is paint everything with a minimum of three colours and a max of five. With the heroes and monsters being the more elaborately painted ones of course.

I hope you are as eager as I am to see how this Free City project progresses. There will also be focuses on other players their Free Cities, just to show some other content besides my own.

See ya soon!