Dungeons and Dragons: Episode Ingestrium

A very first session of a new campaign needs a fitting title, and this title will be Episode Ingestrium. Episode Ingestrium will function as a doorway into the world of Taytrenvia, it’s myths, legends, characters and its universe. Ingestrium is the name of the first district of the city. It is a district were visitors, traders and other curious creatures and people start their stay in Taytrenvia.

Ingestrium is home to the Railgait, a cluster of portals that have been built into a husk of metal, stone and glass. Many of those portals lead to several Railpoints in the world outside of the city, most of those are a hidden secret for Taytrenvia values its privacy in a world full of dangers.

– Ingestrium; District of Travelers –

Look: Ingestrium , like the rest of the city, has buildings that have been built in a mixture of styles. From Art Deco and Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) mixed with Greek elements to Mayan mixed with strong hints of (Edwardian) Baroque and other real world architectural styles. To be fair, the whole of Taytrenvia is a big mix of real world architectural styles, you can find buildings and structures that look like they are from our world.

– The Railgait –

In Ingestrium there is the Railgait, the Railgait is a grand building

where multiple gateways have been placed. Travellers arrive here, if they found one of the five hidden gateways in the rest of the world. The only ones that know of these portals are other kingdoms’ officials, traders and mighty heroes and other important persons in the world. And those that happen to stumble upon them or actively search them of course.

– Hotels and Inns –

As Ingestrium is the place where traders and travellers come first in the city there are lots of hotels and inns and other things, a big marketplace and other trading facilities, magic shops. And so on.

– The First –

In Ingestrium a rumour is going rounds about mysterious catacombs appearing and disappearing, with entrances having gateway like properties and magical energies around them.

There are other things happening, with a festival nearing and other activities in the city there are lots of things to see and to do.

To the players: what will you do when you know what the possibilities are? And what do you expect or suspect from the first introductory episode of this D&D campaign?

Oh and here is are some sketches of what Ingestrium and the city may look like

Although this was a short one later this week or at the begin of next week will focus a little bit more on Ingestrium. With a nice and detailed map of the district and a preview of the whole city, in the style of map and a simple illustratation/sketch.

Ingestrium and Taytrenvia.png

See ya!