Great Youtube Channels

Today I am going to look at some nice YouTube channels that focus on uploading miniature wargaming content. Some of these are big, some are small but they are all very nice and I find them to be my favourite channels to watch videos from. And listening to theories, unboxing and reviews and other types of content is a joy too.

I will talk shortly about four YouTube channels and then put one of their videos after the description below it. The descriptions won’t be elaborate and long because that really won’t be necessary.

But before I do that, a special mention:

The Chillhammer Podcast

A Dutch podcast where the host Milan talks about the Warhammer hobby (and other Games Workshop hobbies). It’s a great podcast that deserves a mention (especially for my Dutch followers, check it out)!

And now to the main part of this day’s blog:

1: Guerilla Miniature Games

Guerilla Miniature games is a YouTube channel with videos for lots of different miniature games: Star Wars Legion; Warhammer Age of Sigmar; Warhammer 40K; Necromunda; Arena Rex and so on. With the upcoming release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition the channel has been uploading quite a few battle reports and review videos that focus on the game, check two of these out here below!

The channel is run by stay-at-home dad Ash Barker and has had the channel since 2014.

2: Kitetsu

Kitetsu is a YouTube channel that focuses on Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Uploading videos about lore, rumours, reviews, unboxing and discussions makes that the channel has a good variety of content. No wonder the channel has a lot of subscribers, it’s a great channel with quality content!

I do not have a lot to add about this channel except that I really like the videos.

3: STF Wargaming Studio

Run by the notorious Norwegian vikings (the most notorious and self proclaimed viking Andreas is one of them) the STF Wargaming Studio YouTube channel uploads a lot of videos with mostly Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game content (and a bit of Star Wars Legions and other gaming systems too – like Frostgrave, Godtear, Guildball, Gangs of Rome). Okay they post a lot of different content but I like them specifically because of their Middle-earth SBG content.

One of their biggest projects (ongoing) is the Middle-earth Grand Campaign, where all the scenarios (old and new) of the The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings sourcebooks are being played and recorded as battle reports. I put one of them here:

4: Miniwargaming

Being one of the older and ancient channels present on YouTube I couldn’t leave Miniwarging out of the picture, and out of this blog. It’s a channel with lots of different things. I’m just going to leave this here and post a video below so you can check it out for yourself.

The channel is run by ”a group of geeks dedicated to bringing you entertainment and informative videos about miniature wargaming, including battle reports, narrative campaigns, painting tutorials, and other random videos”.

5: The Rotterdam White Scars YouTube channel

Oh, and the last one I forgot to add is The Rotterdam White Scars their YouTube channel. A Dutch channel with battle reports in English and Dutch, some travel videos, reviews, how to paint videos and more. Warhammer Age of Sigmar; Warhammer 40K  and Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

That’s it for this YouTube channel focus post, if you already knew about some of these awesome! And if you now have some new channels to keep an eye on, I hope you enjoy!

Any other channels I should add to this list? Send me a message and I will have a look at it!

See ya with the next post!