On the Painting Table

Hello everyone, today will be looking at what’s on my painting table/hobby desk right now (with pictures as those are awesome). I will add some comments, ellaborate on some hobby goals and reveal some nice newer projects.

Of course I am a person that gets distracted by even the tiniest fly or unimportant thing, so it is safe to say that, when I am not totally focused there are a multitude of projects swarming my hobby desk/painting table

– Warriors of Minas Tirith –

The first thing that is on my painting table is a King of Men (Hyarmendacil II, the South Victor, Vinyarion the 24th king of Gondor), 24 warriors of Minas Tirith, two with banners and one with a war horn and a Knight of the White Tower. I will paint these for the Chaos in Arda event at Ardacon 2018 this summer in Manchester.

I plan to finish this army in the coming two weeks, because I have to finish other armies for Ardacon too.

– Idoneth Deepkin: Akhelian King –

For age of Sigmar I am currently busy with painting Dorthindrius, the Akhelian King of my Lothlethain Enclave.

Even though progress is slow for my Idoneth Deepkin, the end results (although not in sight) are promising. Okay the end result is the image in my head. But I have a good feeling about it all.

– Saruman the Wise –

Although this one has been standing on my desk for century I have to admit that I am so close to finishing him. I only got distracted by other things. Anyway, not much left to do, the cool thing is this white wizard is 1/2 part of my doubles army for the Ardacon Doubles Tournament (and basically 1/4 of the total points of the two armies combined too).

But I am very happy with what the miniature looks like, nice sculpt to paint.


Tomorrow I will look at the