Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2.0: Core Rules and a Quick Game to try them out

Recently (read last somewhere week) Games Workshop launched the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Website where everything about Age of Sigmar (2.0) can be found. Introductions to the hobby aspect of the game and a good amount of How To Play videos. I feel like this is some sort of Pre-launch. Today the pre-orders will have gone live with stores fully promoting the miniatures and box with painted store armies and the rules to look through and stuff (although that’s what I imagine will happen). Anyway it’s a great time to be Warhammer Age of Sigmar fan as the Mortal Realms will now experience the effects of the Soul Wars.

Twenty Pages of pure Aethergold

To start I’d want to say that I love the 20 page Core Rules download. It’s free (always a good thing)  and the design is top notch. With great visuals, pictures and the written rules it all manages to capture the feel of Age of Sigmar 2.0 Soul Wars perfectly (in my mind).

So I couldn’t wait to try the new core rules out, of course. And I challenged Terry. We would play around 860 points on a 48”* by 48” (* ” = inch) board at our local Warhammer Store.

And my Idoneth Deepkin army so far:


A New Age is Upon Us! –

In conclusion, the Second Edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar truly fits like a glove for the Idoneth Deepkin. Their abilities are enhanced by the new rules mechanics and feel more fresh than ever (and challenging to, with the new Command Points mechanic).

Changes that I especially like are the addition of Command Points, command points are used to activate Command Abilities that your heroes have. It’s not only your General that can use them now! Your other heroes that have Command Abilities can do now as well, if they have them. And they can use a trio of basic abilities too, all available to all the heroes in your army, and again they don’t have to be your general. The only thing you need is enough Command Points, these you will generate in every one of your own turns. Every Warscroll Battalion you have in your army gives you access to one extra Command Point at the start of the game.

And magic has changed in a nice way to, with some of the spells getting a bit of a de-buff that give them a nice way not to use in a battle and makes you think about the spells your own wizards can use, especially the specific spells from your army lore if your army is exclusively from one Faction and/or Allegiance. (The Lore of the Deeps from the Idoneth Deepkin has some really nice spells to use in your games).


I love the new rules and I truly can’t wait for the release of the Soul Wars boxed set and the General’s Handbook 2018 to see what changes have been made there! (Oh and I will try to do in depth reviews of the Soul Wars Boxed Set, General’s Handbook and the miniatures).

Expect these to arrive in two to three weeks time!

– Where to find the Second Edition Rules: –

If you want to check the new rules out yourself go to the Age of Sigmar website where you can download them for free! As always the core rules are for free!

See ya!