A First Focus on some of the Rules Changes from the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: Profiles and Heroic Actions

As previewed on Ardacon and the Warhammer Community Blog in the posts: ProfilesHeroic Actions.

In the Strategy Battle Game there are many things that make the system what it is, some of these things are the profiles of the miniatures you are playing with (as is the case with let’s say all miniature based wargames) and what they can do, especially the heroes. So today we’ll focus a bit on what was before and what has changed to these aspects of the game.

– The Profiles –

The profiles of miniatures have always consisted of the following characteristics in values(warriors and heroes share these, although heroes have three extra characteristics to keep track of): Move; Fight; Shoot; Strength; Defence; Attacks and Wounds. Heroes have the extra characteristics of Might; Will and Fate.

Now however it has changed a bit, although profiles already had them, they are now more important to the game and certain abilities/special rules of the miniatures and heroes.

Middle-earth Mini (3 of 28)
Aragorn/ Strider might probably have the Man, Hero and Fellowship keywords.

Now added are Keywords, important information that is used for the use of special rules that might be passive or active (also something that has changed but we’ll get back to that). Keywords can be warrior; man; elf; wizard; hero; warrior; cavalry; infantry. These are all examples of some keywords that will be around. These keywords are used to highlight how special rules affect certain models, sometimes a special rule will use more than one keyword, Elf Hero is a good example. This will mean that a special rule only affects a model if it has both these keywords.

Passive Special Rules: Passive Special Rules are the kind of rules that can be used at all the times. Active Special Rules: these are the Special Rules that require the model to be able to move to use. An example of Special Rules that are active will be the rules that talk about an increased Stand Fast! and an example of a passive Special Rule will be things, of course, that don’t require the model to move to be used.

Some profiles have been completely reworked in order for them to more streamlined, effective and relevant in the current version of the game. The Balrog (of Morgoth) will have been completely revisited and some characters that have a lot of different characters, like four at the most, will have a combined profile like some of the profiles from the Desolation of Smaug changed when they got profiles in There and Back Again. Especially because they got another set of profiles when the The Battle of the Five Armies supplement got released with the release of the third Hobbit movie. A good example of this merger of profiles is Elrond, who has around four profiles at the moment.

– Heroic Tiers –

Heroic Tiers are a very new addition to the profiles of the game’s heroes. There are five of them, one of which is called a Hero of Legend. These tiers distinguish the lower captains from the epic heroes of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And not only that, Heroic Tiers also affect how you choose the general of your army, the amount of warriors a hero can lead in his warband. A Hero of Legend can, as an example, lead 18 warriors instead of one and so on.

Goblin King and Warriors 3
Although I doubt The Goblin King (or the Great Goblin as he is called in the books) will have the Hero of Legend Tier we still have four unknown tiers to discover!

Instead of choosing your general now the hero with the highest Heroic Tier in the army will be the army general. If there are two heroes with the same Heroic Tier I believe you should be to choose one of them to be the army general.

– Heroic Actions –

Heroic Actions have changed a bit in this edition, some actions are now universal, meaning every hero can use them and some are no specialised or specific heroic actions. The Universal Heroic Actions are actions like Heroic Move; Heroic Shoot and Heroic Combat. They are the original three heroic actions from the game’s First Age.

Some Specialised Heroic Actions are basically all the other heroic actions that are left plus the new Heroic Actions added with the rules of this edition of the game: Heroic Resolve; Heroic Defence; Heroic Strength and Heroic Challenge. Check this Warhammer Community post about it for more information about these new Heroic Actions.

The next post will talk about whatever will be revealed in the next Warhammer Community post with Middle-earth related news.

See ya!

Source: Warhammer Community Website for the information.