Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: Minas Tirith Army

Currently I am working on my Minas Tirith army, I already did this before the coming relaunch of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle game and after learning the Warriors of Minas Tirith were getting a little upgrade in the form of the Shieldwall special rule (and with the firm belief that there would be other cool things coming soon for this army) I decided with this army and finish it. I would be a Warriors of Minas Tirith heavy army. First you can read the list I wrote for this force just as a reminder of what I’d like it to look like when done. I’ve written it without points values in mind because of the Armies of the Lord of the Rings book that will be released with possible points changes for some of the profiles (you never know). After that you will see work in progress pictures of the warriors, banner bearers, heroes, captains etc. 

So first of is the first version of the army list I wrote for my Minas Tirith force. It consists of Aragorn, King Elessar, Hurin the Tall, Ingold and Cirion with loads of WoMT and even some Knights of Minas Tirith.

I really had to include Aragorn, King Elessar as it is an iconic hero from the Lord of the Lord of the Rings. And I just like a very powerful hero to lead my force and be victorious for Gondor! I also wanted to include the newer Hurin and Ingold miniatures to the force, even if their profiles aren’t in one of the newer books. I can always use them as captains until their rules appear! Why I want them to be part of this army is because of their look and their design. They truly are stunning and very impressive sculpts, really enough reason to include them in this force when they are released.

The rest of the force is Warriors of Minas and a handful of Citadel Guards,no other specialised troops around, not yet anyways. As these are the warriors you see fighting almost all the time in The Return of the King and look great with great numbers!


The Army:

The army is what I’d like to see for a 1000 point force, it’s about 60 man strong, a true Minas Tirith Horde army.

Warband One: The King of Gondor

Aragorn, King Elessar on armoured horse – Hero of Legend (now confirmed from the Armies of The Lord of the Rings product page) –  Army General

18 Warriors of Minas Tirith: 8 with spears and shields; 8 with shields; 1 one with a banner; 1 with a War Horn.

Warband Two: Courage of Men

Cirion – Hero of Fortitude I hope…. (we’ll see that next week)

12 Warriors of Minas Tirith: 6 with spears and shields; 5 with shields; 1 with a banner.

Warband Three: Warden of the Citadel

Hurin the Tall – Captain of Minas Tirith on Horse

12 Citadel Guards with Longbows.

Warband Four: Warrior of Gondor

Ingold – Captain of Minas Tirith with shield

11 Warriors of Minas Tirith: 6 with shields and spears; 5 with shields.

Warband Five: Knight of the White Tower

Ciryatur, Knight of the white Tower

2 Warriors of Minas with shields.


– The Work in Progress Pictures –

Well, not really that much of a work in progress, it’s more of a this work is going to be in progress thing.

My next post about this army will be when I am preparing it for some battle reports in the nearing future. Minas Tirith will be my main force that I will be taking to tournaments the coming months.

See ya tomorrow the next Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game themed post!

See ya!

Sources for some of the information: Warhammer Community; Games Workshop Webstore