Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: New miniatures, dice and other stuff coming our way!

Next weekend sees a host of new miniatures going live for pre-order on the Games Workshop web-store for our most favourite miniatures game, that one that is set in Tolkien’s Middle-earth. One pre-order I am especially excited for is that of the plastic Gandalf the White on horse and on foot (with Pippin on foot and with the option to be used as a passenger on Shadowfax).

Wardens of the White City: Hurin the Tall, Warden of the Keys and Ingold, Warden of the Rammas Echor

But before I share details on what you can expect to see on the new releases section of the Games Workshop website you have to know that you are able to order the Wardens of the White City from the Forgeworld website

Gandalf the White: New Miniature and dice!

Next up are Gandalf the White and Peregrin Took on Shadowfax and on foot. A gorgeous plastic kit that depicts these two heroes of Middle-earth that really does them justice!

Along with this kit comes a set of Gandalf the White themed dice, awesome!

Profiles book: Armies of the Hobbit.

Next is the highly anticipated Armies of the Hobbit book. This book will contain all the rules for the profiles of the Hobbit Trilogy. A host of profiles and a lot of lists. It has been updated to fit in with the current edition of the rules and some profiles have apparently been slightly tweaked. 

The Armies of the Hobbit cover

Last but not least, Theoden (the new plastic kit) will be up for pre-order now packed separately! And Legolas and Tauriel have now been packed together.

Stay tuned for more new about the Middle-earth and other stuff in the future!

*All the pictures shown are from the Warhammer Community website, as is the information from that source.