Gloomspite Gits! The beginning of 2019 is all Grot!

Games Workshop ends 2018 with a bang, and starts 2019 with Grots (Games Workshop’s Goblins) and Troggoths (Games Workshop’s Trolls. This was something that I couldn’t just not write about, it all is just soooooo good! The Gloomspite Gitz might be my favourite faction of Destruction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. By. Far!

First of, here is the link to the original Warhammer Community article that talks about all the pre-order dates and about the new miniatures. The pictures shown here will have this article as their source. Oh and watch the reveal video below to experience the awesomeness of it all.

Worshipping… a bad… moon?

Oh yess, they do worship a very bad moon. The Gloomspite gitz are a faction made up of Moonclan Grots, Spiderfang Grots and different kinds of Troggoth. Although the Troggoth (and other beasts of war) don’t really follow the Bad Moon, the Moonclan and Spiderfan grots do. And even though they follow and believe the moon, a true celestial body moving through the realms, are a different form of the greatness that is Gorka-Morka (the great god the Orruks and Grots worship). But for more info on all things grot-lore you better follow this link or you watch the video below:

The Miniatures.

Now I will just show you the miniatures and their names. You can read all about them in the article I linked to.

All in all, as you can see from the pictures, great stuff. And I’ll leave it with this too. I hope too post and write more in 2019. New stuff, more Dungeons & Dragons, more of my own hobby projects and so on.

See ya in the new year!