Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Two Cities, Two Realms

New Free Cities in the realms of Chamon and Ghyran.

After a bit of silence regarding my latest free city I thought it was perhaps time to try it again. This time incorporating the Stormcast Sacrosanct Chamber into the mix. And some other things of course. So this time I sat down and thought out a very awesome city that is located in two of the Mortal Realms, Hysh and Ghyran. So without further ado I present to you:

Frostvale & Stoneforge

An example of what part of both the free cities might look like.
– Photo by Greta Schölderle Møller on Unsplash

Frostvale & Stoneforge, two free cities linked through a grand realmgate. This realmgate is located on the top of a mountain in Ghyran, Realm of Life and deep in a valley somewhere in Hysh, Realm of Light. Both cities are built around both ends of the realmgate.

The cities are grotesquely connected, not only through the realmgates no, but through culture, history and the cities their leaders too. Yes these two cities are both intertwined in a massive way.

Frostvale is located in the realm of Light. In this city Duardin, Stormcast Eternals and humans live. It is the city of the Bradisian Forge and Archiband’s Great Armoury.

Stoneforge is the city of master craftsmen, a notorious thieves’ guild and golden glades of Sylvaneth Woods.

Brasidas the Keeper of the Storms

Brasidas of the Storms is the High King of Frostvale. A proud and old man who has been long time friends with Boudiccia Nightvale, not only because of the Realmgate that connects both the cities. Boudiccia and Brasidas fought many wars together, against hordes of Skaven that assaulted both sides of the gate, legions of Undead warriors and a great grande herd of Squigs. And of course the usual skirmishes in other realms.

Brasidas does not rule, he leads by example. He lives among his people, walks among them as if he weren’t living a higher class. He is one with the citizens of Frostvale.

Boudiccia Nightvale, the spear of Brightness

Boudiccia is the Queen of Stoneforge. A stormcast Lord Arcanum that, in the sense of breaking the mould, crowned herself queen of the city. She is also the leader of the Stormcast Eternals of the Hallowed Knights that are present in the city. Boudiccia isn’t just the Queen of Stoneforge, she also plays the part of the Spiritual Leader. Being both devoted to the God-King Sigmar and the Goddess of Life Alarielle, The Everqueen.

Boudiccia often rides her Celestial Dracoline Barthur. Together they have fought in many wars across the realms and they have spend multiple lifetimes together.

Boudiccia is one of the greatest warrior mages in Stoneforge and one of the most experienced. She brought the city lots of prosperity.

Frostvale, City of the Storm

Frostvale is a grand city in the realm of light, and a complete mirror image of Stoneforge. Both cities share the same grid structure, and where there are Sylvaneth Woods in Stoneforge there are trees of pure light, and Sylvaneth Woods too, in Frostvale.

In the city the most important building is that of The Old World museum where lots of supposed relics of the World That Was are being kept. It is a grand building that is directly connected to the Bradisian Forge.

Frostvale is a city with lots of grandeur and history. Many travellers from other realms come here for that rich history alone.

Stoneforge, City of the Starwoods.

Stoneforge is a grand city in the realm of life. In its centre with its most important building is that of the Stoneforge Tinkerers.

The Sylvaneth Woods were called Starwoods after more and more citizens noticed how dark it was underneath the leaf canopy and that the only things to give light were faint glowing lights, like stars in the distance. In these woods there lives a tribe of Sylvaneth Revenants and their leader, the Treelord they call Surcult.

Stoneforge embraces is one with nature, what is seriously fitting for a city located in Ghyran.

More to come.

As these twin free cities have just been brought to life there’s still more to discover. How do their combined armies work together? What strange things are happening near the Realmgate? And who is the Man of Crystals?