Idoneth Deepkin – Enclave Reboot Part One: The City of A’Lothandern

It’s been quite some time since I have been working on my Idoneth Deepkin force. Almost a year actually. And it’s in the title already, now that I am working on this force again I will give it an actual reboot. And this reboot is all about the self written narrative. All those months ago I had a certain idea about what to write and how my Deepkin force would function, the society of my Deepkin Enclave at least.

Now I am using a different colour scheme and a different idea of what my Idoneth Deepkin Enclave would be like. And in order to keep all neat and tidy I am going to rewrite the whole background of my Deepkin force. Starting with…

The Lothlathain Enclave

Eidolon of Mathlann
Work in Progress on my Eidolon of Mathlann.

The Enclave is an important part of this Idoneth Deepkin force. Of course, when fighting games I will have to use the rules for one of the existing enclaves. But other than that this enclave will be totally homebrew.

To help me with writing some of the background I decided to make use of the Free City Generator for the Underwater City this enclave is located in. The name of the enclave will remain Lothlathain, a combination of Lothern from The World that Was and the Eltharin word Lathain. Meaning Storm and wrath among some other things. It’s still a fitting name for the enclave.

The Lothlathain Enclave

This enclave is one of the more peaceful enclaves, yet the most aggressive when pushed to the edge. The wild and raw magic of Aqshy empowers the Lothlathain, their magic and their will to defend their people.

The Lothlathain Enclave clad themselves in bold colours: red, blues, greens and gold. These colours represent, to them, their settling in Ghur. As the Realm of Beasts is a savage and deadly place, it seemed logical for these Idoneth Deepkin to cloth themselves in this certain way. Some of the leaders choose different colours, in order to distinguish themselves from the rest of the Lothlathain Council.


The Lothlathain are, amongst the Idoneth Deepkin, well known for taming even the most horrifying monsters that lurk in the deep. It is said by the other enclaves that they hunt and tame the terrifying Merwyrms.

The City of A’Lothandern

The City of A’Lothandor is a city built in one of the oceans of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. It is the crown city of the Lothlathain Enclave in the realm of life. The city is guarded by the most aggressive creatures that lurk in the deep waters of the Mortal Realms: Merwyrms and Deepdread Maws, the cousins to the Dread Maw. These beasts are the gatekeepers, guards of their crown city: A’Lothandern. The total amount of Merwyrms defending A’Lothandern’s harbour and stretches of water amounts to two.

The architecture is a faint memory of Lothern, a city in the Ealven land Ulthuan in The World that Was. But it is twisted and different. Orgnanic in a different wat.

The (Possible) 2500 Points Army List

In other words, this would be the list I would probably take and build if I had all the different miniatures needed. In the end, my army will probably look a bit different, or completely different. Time may tell. Yet I feel like this is a great start.

I would probably really add a Merwyrm for when I’m going to play Open Play or Narrative Play games.  As they are not allowed in Matched Play games, with the allegiances and all. But for now, this feels like a really good thing to focus on buying and painting, with a possible addition of the Merwyrm.

Idoneth Deepkin – Realm of Beasts – Using Dhom-Hain Enclave Rules – Total Points: 2500 – 5/6 Leaders – 5/3 Batteline – 126 wounds – 12 units – 2 endless spells – 1 Behemoth


The Royal Council 140 points

Total: 140 points


[General – Royal Council Battalion] Akhelian King 240 points – Command Trait: Born from Agony -Artefact: Anraheirs’s Claw

[Royal Council Battalion] Isharann Tidecaster 100 points – Artefact: No – Lore of the Deeps: Vorpal Mealstrom

[Royal Council Battalion] Isharann Soulscryer 130 points – Artefact: No

Eidolon of Mathlann 350 points – Artefact: Black Pearl – Lore of the Deeps: Pressure of the Deep

Isharann Soulrender 80 points – Artefact: No

Total: 900 points


10 Namarti Thralls 130 points – One Icon Bearer

10 Namarti Thralls 130 points – One Icon Bearer

3 Akhelian Ishlaen Guards 140 points – One Prince, one Icon Bearer and one Musician

3 Akhelian Ishlaen Guards 140 points – One Prince, one Icon Bearer and one Musician

6 Akhelian Morsarr Guards 340 points – One prince, on Icon Bearer and one Musician

Total: 880 points

Other Units

[Behemoth] Akhelian Leviadon 350 points

Akhelian Allopex 120 points

Total: 470 points

Endless Spells

Gemenids of Uhl-Gysh 60 points

Purple Sun of Shyish 50 points

Total: 110 points

Enclave Reboot Part Two

In Part Two of this Idoneth Deepkin Enclave Reboot series I will be talking about the different names I gave my heroes, what it means and how I got to think (or generate) of those names in the first place.

I will also give an update on the painting of several miniatures, including the Eidolon of Mathlann, and my ideas for special Idoneth Deepkin objective markers.

Part Two will possibly be uploaded sometime next week. Same time.

Please, leave a comment or question, if you have any!

See ya!