The Heralds of Equilibrium

Mitzunimu felt like he had promised his people a false future. A future where Nagash would be kept at bay, through a damning eternal servitude. The thought of serving the… evil he promised to defy horrified him. Yet it would be the only way to protect his people, or whatever was and will be left of them. He was kneeling before him. The great lord He glimpsed up at the Supreme Lord of the Undead and said ”I accept your terms, great Nagash. Heaven’s Hollow will be reborn as Heaven’s Demise and the Heralds of Equilibrium shall be yours to command”, the great Necromancer didn’t respond ”we will serve you for eternity, until chaos is turned into order, until Sigmar is all but a myth and until our bones turn into dust. We will serve you until we are but souls looking to be reborn, almighty Nagash”. 

As the release of the Ossiarch Bonereapers is crawling closer and closer, ideas and themes for a force started forming in my mind. And, as a way of confirming concepts and ideas, the post of today will serve as a sharing point, for you and for me. As you will have read in the title, Equilibrium will be the theme. Otherwise known as death. Not exactly unsurprising when we’re talking about an Age of Sigmar death army.

Heaven’s Demise: City of Nagash –

Centuries ago a thriving city of Sigmar, now a place where Nagash reigns supreme. Over time, after many a Bone Tithe had been paid, Heaven’s Hollow as it was once called fell into a certain kind of decay. The many mortals that were left slowly turned into worshipping Nagash. Led by their king, Mitzunimu, they started collecting tithes for Sigmar, as if they were one of his Ossiarch Bonereaper forces. 

The story of Heaven’s Demise is a tragic one. As mentioned before, this city once went by the name of Heaven’s Hollow and was a thriving and culturally rich Free City. The people of Heaven’s Hollow had a strong connection to the rough and dangerous grounds of Ghûr, it’s why the city was build in the center of a monster’s pit called the Beast’s Cradle and constructed in a ring wall fashion. The city is now covering the whole pit (which is more the size of a gigantic crater).

Heaven’s Demise is made up of several rings, every ring is it’s own district. In its center rests Mitzunimu’s Palace of  Stars and the Necrosion Fortress. From here Mitzunimu, Lord of Demise, governs this splendid City of Nagash. However Mitzunimu is far from being undead, he is in fact an immortal man (or rather ageing very slowly) granted a Kavalos styled suit of armour by Nagash himself. His people call him: The Lord in Cartilage. More on Mitzunimu later in this post.

  • Citizens: All types of races and factions that follow Nagash (humans; duardin; aelves; and some orruks and ogors even).
  • Armies: The Heralds of Equilibrium in their Necrosion Fortress; Nighthount patrol the city.
  • Distinguishable features: The city is partly underground; A legendary Library; Massive Mausoleum; Monster’s Graveyard and a Sinister Reputation.
  • A Ringwall City located in a big crater filled with bones of massive beasts and monsters. 

Heaven’s Demise is centuries upon centuries old. And has only fallen into Nagash’s embrace during the Age of Sigmar, which means it’s been like this for a while now.

Heaven’s Demise is an odd one though. As the city is still very much inhabited by mortal souls while housing those of the dead, be they in form of bone suits or floating ghosts. Mitzunimu’s ties to the living are still strong and he therefore, sometimes, disregards Nagash’s demands. In all unlikeness Nagash seems to… tolerate this, as Mitzunimu gets things done.

– Mitzunimu: Lord of Demise –

Mitzunimu, once a proud follower and warrior for Sigmar, the Almighty. Now a cunning, creative and master tactician of the forces of the undead. 

After Mitzunimu’s years of service, Nagash, in his everlasting wisdom, granted the king a ‘’suit’’ of Bonereaper armour. Enhanced with souls that would fit the king. Not many a mortal are granted these gifts, so surely this was something quite special. This suit grants the king an unnatural long life, a long life.

After some centuries of service Mitzunimu was also the newly appointed general of the Ossiarch Bonereapers that were stationed in the Necrosion Fortress. Now Mitzunimu was called Mitzunimu, King of Heaven’s Demise, General of the Heralds of Equilibrium.

See the concept for the conversion of the Zandtos build that will become Mitzunimu.

Mitzunimu Conversion Sketch

As you can see, it is but two small pages of sketches, but it will help with what the eventual conversion will become. And the conversions after that!

– Next Time –

Next Ossiarch Bonereaper post will be centred completely around the force itself and some of Mitzunimu’s advisers. There will also be a short review included of the miniatures from the Feast & Bones box set.

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