Hobby update #3: More-ia Goblins and Azog’s Hunters/Legion

This day’s update is more about those last three goblins, they are slowly getting there (and there are more Moria Goblin Warriors to come)! Today is a little bit about my Azog in heavy armour on the White Warg conversion and the cleaning up and greenstuffing up of Yazneg on Fell Warg.

So, down, down, down in Moria Goblin Khazad-Dûm town. Let’s go with the simple-yet-effective-and-nice-way-of-motivating-myself-update:

The Moria Goblins (From Moria (Goblin Town)).

So these goblins are getting along quite well. I’ve sorta finished the armour. Next cloth and weapons. Then the flesh and quiver+arrows:

As you can see, there’s still much to be done. However it will happen soon!

Azog the Defiler

Then we have an Azog the Defiler conversion, which is still a pretty heavy work in progress.

I am also busy cleaning up and filling air gaps of one of Azog’s loyal orc servants: Yazneg the… Hunter Orc(?):

A Woodland Surprise

Last but not least: Thranduil, the Elvenking. I have thought up a nice base for Thranders, however I haven’t glued anything down yet. I make use of the piece of resin ”Ice” that comes in the Thorin VS. Azog Forgeworld set.


Well, that’s it for the quite short, not much text but more pictures update!

See ya,