2020 QUICK HOBBY UPDATES #1: Gorgol, Hunter Orc Captain.

Best wishes to all of you! The new year’s been going on for at least 3 days now and boy, I’ve got lots of projects planned!

Today’s post, however, will be about the first conversion of the year. A good start, if I dare say so myself, especially as I converted the guy on the 1st of January too!.

Gorgol, the Bloodspiller

This Hunter Orc Captain has got his name from Gorgol, the Butcher. An orc chieftan that lived in Middle-earth during the First Age. The orcs he led slew Barahir, and his companions. Gorgol was eventually slain by Beren, Barahir’s son.

Even though that’s about all there might be to find on this orc, the name felt fitting.

To be fair, I converted the miniature before searching for a name and writing a short backstory. This backstory will be a part of my Azog’s Hunters X Dark Powers of Dol Guldur army focus later next week.

But enough about all that. These posts are supposed to be short!

The miniature:

I used not too many different parts: Grishnâk’s (an orc captain) body, Guritz’ (a morranon orc hero) weapons. And as you will see in the next update some putty: I needed to sculpt some extra fur, to hide seams and the like.

I also put two Castellans of Dol Guldur on a base, ready for painting:


That’s it for today’s post.

Happy New Year and Happy Hobbying!

See ya!