Lumineth Realm-Lords

The post of news return with the reveal of the Lumineth Realm-Lords, and more, at Las Vegas Open. I woke up extra early this morning, just to see it all… Extra Early!

Aelves of Hysh, Aelves of Light… Aelves a la Teclis 2.0, it’s Lumineth Realm-Lords!


Lumineth Realm-Lords

Elven spear unit, tradition combined with feathery healmets!
Honest to Teclis elven cav! No eels but horses this time!
The light of Eltharion. Eltharion’s spirit captured in an Eidolon form? Epic!

And of course the God himself:

Teclis, Aelven God in Hysh with a Celennar (a Hyshian Spirit).

The article Warhammer Community posted mentioned that these four units are just the beginning and that there is more to be revealed!


A fresh new battletome and a new temple.

Beastgrave Warband

The Wurmspat, a warband of repellent Rotbringers.

That’s all for this morning. Happy Hobbying. Happy Hyping! See ya!



All images are taken from the Warhammer Community Las Vegas Open article.