There… and back… and back again?

The Treelord Ancient is ready to defends its forest home.

Oh, here we are yet again. Returning to the blog yet, again! After another hiatus I’ve brought myself back into the blogging fold, with lots of interesting content on the horizon: personal Art; Dungeons & Dragons (homebrew content); Warhammer: Age of Sigmar; Maybe some Twitch streaming of art and… Minecraft, and more!

The Schedule

First, I will be trying to adhere to a (kinda) fixed schedule of weekly/bi-weekly content, depending entirely on the time I have and can make:

  • Sundays: Weekly Warhammer: Age of Sigmar news round-ups/Warhammer Hobby Progress.
  • Mondays: No posts
  • Tuesdays: Warhammer Hobby Progress/Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Progress
  • Wednesdays: Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Progress
  • Thursday: No posts
  • Friday: Personal Art projects/Art Academy Work

Blog posts will be, if preparation goes well and as planned, going live again starting the second week of September with the Weekly Warhammer: Age of Sigmar round-ups. No posts on Mondays (they are Mondays after all)

The Content

Sundays are meant for the (bi-)weekly Warhammer: Age of Sigmar news round-ups and/or Warhammer Hobby Progress. Think about news of coming releases, new reveals, rumour engine and more or updates on personal painting and hobby progress.

Mondays are all about nothing. A day of rest.

Tuesdays can be a continuation of the Warhammer Hobby Progress from Sunday or the first of the two weekly Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew related posts: think of updates or introductions to Homebrew races, sub-races, sub-classes, the world setting and a homebrew spell lore.

Wednesdays are about the D&D Homebrew Progress as well. This progress can include art too by the way!

Thursdays are days of rest.

Fridays are about personal art projects as well as art academy related projects. All the painting and photo bashing and more stuff!

And that is basically it, the minor announcement of me returning to the blogging scene. Hope to see you soon!

Greetings and happy hobbying, Niek!