Art School Admission Part One: Assignments

Well, hello there! Since I’ve recently, basically brought the ol’ hobby blog back to life I thought I’d be a good idea to reflect on my admission portfolio and assignments I handed in for the admission process for the school I am now attending. Perhaps just to look back and look at what I could’ve done differently, or to look at what I really enjoyed adding to the portfolio. I won’t explore all the works I put in my portfolio or made for the assignments, but I’ll ad quite a lot to this post, regardless.

Home assignments

A mix between digital and ‘traditional’ works.

First of are the two admission assignments I had to make at home, due to the pandemic, and deliver digitally. So naturally I prepared two long presentation like document files where I would be putting in every new piece of work I would make for said assignments. One assignment was focused on trial and error and trying again. Constantly reflecting on elements of one piece and enhancing them or leaving them out in favour of something fresh and new.

In the end I am really really happy with the end result. After some hardships and frustrations (especially not shown in this gallery on purpose, but I will do so later on) I managed to get a clear idea on how to achieve the initial vision, even though it changed quite a lot from start to finish: from a city high in the mountains to a Witch Hunter Academy Keep in a beautiful valley somewhere far away.

The second home assignment was all about answering questions without the use of text. Which I actually quite enjoyed. Although I might have done things more slowly if I hadn’t started way too late. Anyway, here they are:

This assignment was based around telling through showing (assignment itself was called Show and Tell, so I guess that’s pretty clear) and I really wanted to experiment more with photoshopping and painting images, however abstract they may be. The images shown above are almost in order, with the one after the question I answered with ‘stories’ being an original and the one after that just an alternate version.

I am content with the results, although… I would do some differently, maybe in execution or in the type of answer I have given. Maybe I could have been more honest, you know.

But I might revisit this during a later time.

That’s it, for this short post, however. Part two will focus on some of the works I put in my admission portfolio.

See ya then!