Alter Ego Progress B: Sketches and Concepts

Todays post will be all about a dozen or so random tests done for the Alter Ego assignment. Basically out of frustration from trying to do research to base my ideas of and getting stuck in that process. So I put on some music and started drawing, sketching, listening to all kinds of music and what not, writing poems and what not. All trying to reach some sort of Pantheon of my own, based in shape and colour. Below there are a few sections: tradition art sketches, digital art sketches and tests, and digital art time-lapse/video showing working on one particular test.

Traditional sketches

Ún-UR: The Mantra of Willpower

The first of my godly selves has a name, which at the same time is some sort of mantra. Ún-UR. Based on nothing but an idea, Ún-UR is the mantra that sharpens the mind and strengthens will. It’s a word of confidence and earthly power. Shown by the people of the Greaterworld – because every ”fantasy” mythos needs a world, an earth, right? – in the form of monoliths, carved out of the mountains themselves.

The naming is inspired by the way the skeksis and mystics are named in the Dark Crystal movie by the Jim Henson Company. ÚN in this case being the basic being of me and then probably all the existing powers and mantras, and what comes after is the aspect.

Basically starting from the idea of this aspect of mine I wish I had just a tad more of, linking it to… a place where I often feel powerful. That place being the mountains. The image earlier, the poster kind of image, is still an exploration and will probably change a bit. This aspect of me I want to explore or have a bit more of will change. But the idea of the monolith is there, especially because it is tall. Below is a digital rendering of the first image I’ve shown in this post:

Ún-Ur. The Strong Willed. The Eternal Monolith. Clearness and sharpness of the Mind.

Hra: Mantra of Change

Hra is… the origin of it all. The centre that tries to keep it all together. Perhaps it’s an endless void, or a space between spaces… some sort of… gray area. Or maybe it’s just the mind in an uncountable amount of knots. Or better yet, it’s a fragmented mind that stays together through all the inner connections, showing no tears or breaks.

Alright, I am ending here. Without too much explanation. But later today, or during the week I will upload more work in progress pictures and all that related to Hra and Ún-Ur and… Ún-Aier, Mantra of Magic, Infinity, inspiration and creativity (as well as trickery and deception).


Until the next update!