Alter Ego Progress D: The Second Spark

Today’s progress post will focus on some reflecting and resetting of what I actually want to do, and how I want to present godly parts of myself to the public. This post will first go into detail on recent inspiration that kicked of the final why (and stretch) so near the deadline. And also how I can shift final ideas so in the fraction of a second.

As the title suggests, it’s all about a Second Spark which I actually kind of foresaw, or actually, I kind of new it would lead back to this. My original ideas were to actually illustrate, not imply or suggest, parts of myself in the form of deities, Deities of this Pantheon that is originating from me, from Hra. I realise that I want to experiment of course, but sometimes, experimenting, and thinking of experimenting also leads to old conclusions in a new jacket. I am comfortable in this, but I also want to learn more from this. I really enjoy illustrating, in my own way, and I am aware I am still learning things within the field. Which is the reason I am constantly gravitating towards it, even in assignments that could be seen as liberating, in the way that the end product is completely free.

And it’s also just too much fun, challenging myself. Photoshopping, painting over it, making digital collages of ideas to then merge them and work them out. Learning new techniques, colour combinations, etc. However, all the work I did before (which I have and haven’t shown here) has not been in vain, because it helped me to figure out the elements that make up these parts of me. And this case four parts of me, that are intertwined, but also act as if they were their own selves (hence the deity aspect of it all).

Artist Inspiration: Peter Mohrbacher

And the one artist that truly re-inspired me to pick up this idea, less than one week before deadline (hail sleepless nights, like an owl working all the time), is Peter Mohrbacher. Mohrbacher created the Angelarium project in 2005, it consists of paintings of a diverse variety of angels, like Seraphim and Zodiac, but also different branches like the Watchers and the Tree of Life.

Below is an example of the Muriel, Angel of Cancer in a progress video by Mohrbacher, three years ago:

And a link to the painting on the Angelarium site: Muriel, Angel of Cancer.

It’s obvious that this is indeed about the sign Cancer, through colour, the crabby limbs and other visual elements that link to the star sign. Another angel that is worth showing is Verchiel, Angel of Leo:

For the rest of the angels, I once again want to refer to the Angelarium: Encyclopedia of Angels website.

The Shift: Sketches and Compositions

– Hra –

The centre. Although the sketch is without colour, the threads the figure in the middle is holding together are originating from it’s core, it’s belly, which also houses the void. The arms try to keep every thread that ”slips” out together with the rest.


Hra, the Origin that aims to keep all together. The worked out version of the sketch will be a photobashed/shopped, painting and stuff.


In the new sketch and concept I wanted Ún-Ur to have something powerful and connected to the earth. Like the illustration I was working on. So I sought for a good reference and pose that felt connected, powerful and strong. Whilst also feeling soft and open. And I felt that incorporating the original monolith design into the sketch and then eventual illustration/photoshop/bash thing, is going to be a good design. To connect the flow of changing ideas.

And what came before:


From a field of mirrors and nature, and magic in the heir. Ún-Aier is now represented by the form of a sorceress. Sitting in a mirror, and surrounded by mirrors, in a garden that is full of secrets and other stuff. The cloaked that is draped around her is filled with deceit, trickery and falsehoods.

The sketches I had shown yesterday:

And there is where I am going to stop this post. With a feeling of ”Yes, this is what I am going to be happy with, very happy indeed.”

See ya,