Alter Ego Progress E: Quick Update on Choices

SHORT UPDATE: As I am nearing the finishline, I am aware that I made some stupid choices, that I was distracted for too long and that I am, because of those things (among others), running out of time for this deadline. This is means I have some choices to make. And it might actually help me that I have to make those choices and create a better focus for the remainder of work that I have to do.

First of all, I had to choose: depict all deities or one. And I choose to only depict my form, that is in fact chaos, whilst not being depicted as chaotic. It’s more a creature, humanoid, that pulls all the strings, holds the orbs of my interests, thoughts. Hra also knows the presence of all the other deities through his mind’s eye. They can’t hide, they are almost always present, and they are forever a part of him, as he is forever a part of them.

Hra, from all the other sketches for the other three deities, is slowly taking form. First in greyscale, later in colour, or at least I am learning and trying to.

– Hra –

However, though this means I had to make choices of what I am going to show next Monday during the presentation, or rather which deity of me, I am still going to present some of these parts of mine through poems. I like to write, whenever I am able to, and it’s often in the form of a poem (which has no strict form itself) that I then express myself. And I believe that, with all the knowledge I have about myself, I could find enough time to write a series of poems that not only describe those deities, but also the parts of myself within those deities… It also gives me a chance to tie them into existing mythological stories, or use those at a basis at least.


So I’ll be writing some poems for at least Ún-Aier, Ún-Ur and Ún-Etra. I might add some more, especially related to Hra. What I will try is also tell a mythicized tale of this assignment as a whole, as I feel it would be a nice way to reflect and learn from mistakes, choices that panned out differently than expected, etc.

And that is it, actually, but an update that I felt was necessary.