Alter Ego Progress G: Main Piece Finished, More on the Horizon

Great news everyone! I finished at least one assignment, in a way and I am preparing that for the presentation tomorrow. I’ll only show the final piece here and will also explore the options I have been thinking of for the maquette assignment (which I still really don’t like) with sketches and some explanations.

Hra is here

Hra – Myself in a godly, maybe not chaotic per se, form. Finished.

In the end, I am really really happy with finishing this piece, not only because I managed to finish something for real, since a while, because I can get stuck in a real bad way, and stay stuck for a while. In the making progress, to be clear.

There are of course, still things I could have done differently (composition, items, lighting etc), or shown differently. And, regarding the Alter Ego assignment, I really do want to explore and work out the other ideas I had – which due to small art blocks and lots of distractions I did manage to work out – and illustrate those ideas. Visualise them and really build around Hra.

The final illustration is a few worlds apart from the original sketches and concept, however, lots can still be found from the beginning: the sigil/rune on the monolith (Ún-Ur) can be found in the black orb in Hra’s left hand, and the Ún-Aier in the left hand, this time in the form of a colourful ball, filled with ideas and more.

However, I am still excited to work these sketches, and other ideas, of the gods of the pantheon out in different ways, and in different styles, in the future:

And the maquette

The most dreaded assignment, for me, is the maquette assignment. An assignment focused on visualising your own fictive school (environment). And really, this is the assignment where I had the least amount of inspiration and ideas for, until the very last minute.

I truly dreaded this assignment, which is why the Alter Ego assignment got most, if not almost all, of my attention.

However, I do have a (master)plan for this assignment, although it might not come to fruition until a possible resit (sike), anyway here are sketches for buildings, the plots and more. All with influences and inspirational buildings:

And that is it for this day, presentation day, stress day. Most things are planned, but at the moment of writing this, the maquette is still my bane and I am still trying to get at least something ready.

See ya in the after,