Alter Ego Update H: Reflections and new goals

Yesterday were the term one presentations. Combining, if all goes well, multiple courses and assignments into one thing. Today is my honest reflection, conclusion and setting of new goals. Things I will and want to work on during the coming terms. Also, something I completely forgot to explain in the first Alter Ego post: the term is centred around the theme of Research & Exploration, or something like that.

This blog post follows the following scheme (per the courses of term one): drawing; image (2D & 3D); psychology; art theory & art history.


Probably one of the courses that suit me the most, although I am a bit lacking in updating my online folders… I must say, the thing I most learned during this course is that looseness the most important is, or might be, before really starting to work on something. Be it a full blown project or something more smaller.

This course really let me focus on looseness more, and imperfections rather than perfections. Which was a delight.

I liked it, and will keep liking it [drawing] until the end of my days, no doubt. Here are some impressions of an assignment I neglected a little bit: the 2nd-hand book assignment.

Image: 2D & 3D

The Image, 2D and 3D, course was a bit of a rougher patch for me. Not only because I managed to sink my teeth into a concept I was really excited about to eventually lose that through time and distractions and other fun things. So the progress for me was as followed (and probably in the form of some loop): Idea – research, concepts and sketches – work it out – distraction – losing grip on the original idea – new inspiration! – Idea… and so on.

Although I must be clear that I am not suggesting I started from scratch a few times, my main theme/overarching concept – for the Alter Ego assignment – at least was somewhat the same. The thing that changed throughout was presentation and visualisation. Things like time restraints, money (for printing beautiful prints of finished artworks) and more. Did I mention I had procrastinator brain again, at least I did in a few progress updates ago.

I am still planning to continue with the concept and idea of giving myself, my personality traits, an embodiment in the form of gods, ancient deities of a time gone by. And have them printed on sturdy foam boards for presentation.

Anyway, Alter Ego was the better assignment of the two, for me at least. As the other one, my fictional school, a maquette assignment, literally stopped me in my tracks. Maybe due to insecurities about earlier 3-dimensional work not related to miniature painting. And it might very well be that insecurity that really hold me back with experimenting with materials, shapes and ideas, and incidentally also held me back thinking of what I would let my fictional school be and why. I did get ideas eventually, and tried working out something in the end, but it is far below what I could have done.

Perhaps, as suggested by one of my teachers, I might try to create something 3D everyday (not starting today, mind you, and only one thing). With everything I can find in my room, materials that is, to train myself and experiment. And also to have fun!

What I am taking away from these two assignments is basically mostly related to time. I need to find a way to use my chaotic tendencies of focusing on a thousand different things at a time, and focus it into short(er) burst of working on things. If I have an idea, I will try to set myself a deadline and work on it until that deadline is near and it is finished. To then reflect, possibly through the STARR method (Situation – Task – Action – Reaction – Reflection). A method which I am, ironically, not using today. Maybe in a follow up reflection post, who knows.

Anyway, I work best under near deadline ”oh my god I started way to late I am going to suffer so much” stress. Which, however unhealthy it may sound, I am willing to recreate for myself in the future, but then in smaller bursts. As if it were the Scrum method of group work, but then for only one person. Me!

One last thing about this, before we move on, is that I quite possibly need to look more positively at what I do and make instead of talking about all the negatives that came up during progress. It’s something I, during most presentations, too easily do. So, yeah, that is something to work on as well.


A lot of things I was already aware of, due to earlier studies, in psychology came to pass. Which actually helped me understand and think of the importance of the course in relation to the studies. However, to me, it was nothing more than that. Although I do wish to explore more aspects of it, especially in future works.

– Photo by Pixabay on

Art Theory

Then there is Art Theory, perhaps one of the courses I liked as much as I disliked it. Perhaps because of the theory we were working with, or perhaps because of the assignment (which I did okay, not poorly, not great either).

More on this in my final, more structured reflection near the end of the week.

Art History

The Art History course was one of the most fun, if not also challenging to me, courses of this term. I love history, and I love art. So this was a win-win situation. The assignments were interesting, and definitely challenging. It’s about looking, reading, summarizing, prioritizing and more, which is great stuff.

I especially liked the assignment where we basically had to dive in a chapter of Honour & Fleming’s A World History of Art, and work out an art movement. The movement I chose was Expressionism. A movement I really enjoy looking at and really enjoyed learning more about, especially its origins and main artists, is the expressionist movement. The assignment asked us to develop an educational hand-out related to the movement, based on that chapter in A World History of Art and possible additional sources that do not overshadow, but only enhance, the original source. I find it interesting, and also, difficult in making choices in what to cut away and what to keep. But in the end, I am pretty happy with the product I managed to hand in.

After handing in, there were presentations, where explaining the choices you made while putting the handout together was the most important thing. It was not a presentation about the movement itself, it was about the why and the how of the handout you made. Something I am glad I could make up from the description of that part of the assignment.

This assignment I really am quite happy with. Especially the end result, after a final revision after received feedback.

And that’s it for this rough reflection.

Near the end of the week I will post a more flexed out reflection based on the STARR method of reflecting.

See ya!