New Schedule

Well what do you know, it’s time for a new schedule… Even though I didn’t manage posting in the way my first schedule announced I would, I want to change it already. So I can give my self a healthy amount of pressure and plenty of room to write and think about what to write. […]

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Really busy week

Hello there! It has been a really really busy week for me, that should explain the lack of posts. Expect next week to be overflowing with content: from the new Daughters of Khaine army to my first attempts of working with an airbrush (!!). Oh and this Sunday will see a new Dungeons & Dragons […]

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The Return of the Schedule

With wanting to create good and nice content I started with planning ahead in mind. Now I’ve written that planning down, sort of, to give myself a good idea of what I’ll be posting about the coming 3 months at least. Of course I won’t tell you all what will be posted on each given […]

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A Hobbyist’s Tale

In the anticipation of 2018 as year full of hobby projects I decided to set up a new hobby blog website. Here I will share all my hobby endeavours in the worlds of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and 40000/40K and the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, wargame systems developed by Games Workshop. I might even venture […]

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