Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Two Cities, Two Realms

New Free Cities in the realms of Chamon and Ghyran. After a bit of silence regarding my latest free city I thought it was perhaps time to try it again. This time incorporating the Stormcast Sacrosanct Chamber into the mix. And some other things of course. So this time I sat down and thought out a very awesome city that is located in two of the Mortal Realms, Hysh and Ghyran. So without further ado I present to you: Frostvale & Stoneforge Frostvale & Stoneforge, two free cities linked through a grand realmgate. This realmgate is located on the top of a mountain in Ghyran, Realm of Life and deep in a valley somewhere […]

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Gloomspite Gits! The beginning of 2019 is all Grot!

Games Workshop ends 2018 with a bang, and starts 2019 with Grots (Games Workshop’s Goblins) and Troggoths (Games Workshop’s Trolls. This was something that I couldn’t just not write about, it all is just soooooo good! The Gloomspite Gitz might be my favourite faction of Destruction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. By. Far! First of, here is the link to the original Warhammer Community article that talks about all the pre-order dates and about the new miniatures. The pictures shown here will have this article as their source. Oh and watch the reveal video below to experience the awesomeness of it all. Worshipping… a […]

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UPDATE!!! Age of Sigmar: Skirmish

So, some changes have been made to my starting Warband, because of some point shifts and surprises I decided to start with the following: Kri’linn the Sinner, Lord of Chaos. The Five Reavers, 5 Bloodbound Bloodreavers. They are called: Morghan the Skullbasher; Ghizzeld the Blind; Brizzend Bonebreaker; Burgal Axebiter and Ghinter the painfully large Splinter. This is of […]

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